Have you ever done anything legendary?

Well, not specifically something to go down in the history books, like the final stand of the 300 or Washington crossing the Delaware, but I have been hailed as a legend among my friends for this.

I am a huge Harry Potter nerd. Looking through my previous answers on Quora would give anyone that inkling. So when I got the opportunity to go to the Warner Bros. Studio tour in Watford, I of course had to make something of it, outside of just seeing where my favourite books were turned into my 6th favourite films. (Yes. I have a list. Ask if you care)

James Mckinnon on Instagram: "Because why not? #wbstudiotourlondon #wbstudiotour"

For those who couldn't follow the link, that is me, scarf wrapped around my head, sprinting through the great hall and yelling ‘TROLL IN THE DUNGEON!!'

as you can hear from the laughter in the clip, it went down pretty well. And I felt great doing it. So I just thought ‘great, one less thing on the bucket list!' But then a security guard came over and said I was her favourite guest, and organised for the actual Diary of Tom Riddle from the Chamber of Secrets movie to be brought out of its case for me and my mate who I went with. A brag, I know, but I'm still proud of that a year on, so excuse me for showing off

So yeah. Not exactly the last stand at the Alamo, but Legendary in its own way.

Yes. In a way.

I was in the Navy. I was an E5, and had been in the military for about 13 years at this point. I'd been on two Westpac deployments, which is basically where you leave an American port on the West coast and go to the Persian Gulf for whatever reason. On the way, you stop at places like Hawaii, Guam, maybe Ausralia, etc. Out of two Westpacs, I spent about three weeks total in Singapore.

When I got stationed in Japan, we got slated to do a training exercise with the Singaporean Navy. So we go back to Singapore, obviously. I was excited about going back, my buddy was excited, and we had a bunch of new guys that had never been to Singapore at all.

I look up at my buddy and I say "Man, I can't wait until we get to Singapore and go to [name withheld because there are probably a lot of Navy guys that will love to pull this prank on their own new guys...hereafter referred to as "club name"]. He gives me this weird look. I give him my "don't ruin this for me" look.

He nods. "Oh, yeah. Definitely." I don't say anything else. A couple of our new guys are there and the seed is planted. They think we've given up some great secret to having a great time in Singapore. This spreads throughout the ENTIRE SHIP and I have NO IDEA how it managed to infect every single new sailor but it did. Everyone that knew about "club name" spontaneously kept their mouths shut and didn't let the cat out of the bag. This desire to visit this club spread throughout the whole ship. Everyone that had never been to Singapore wanted to go, everyone that had been to Singapore was encouraging them, even our supervisors knew what we'd done and it STILL went off without a hitch. NOBODY ratted us out.

We get to Singapore, and everyone leaves the ship. We told some of our guys that we would be at the club at around 9:30-10:00, that we had to check in to our hotel (the two of us took leave) and we'd be getting something to eat first. We rolled up in the club at our appointed time. We didn't expect it, but almost every new guy was there. Everyone's drinking, the place is full of women, these guys are loving it. We sit down and drink. Girls come up and ask us to buy them drinks. Now, to set the stage, this is a sort of atypical place in that when these women ask you to buy them a drink, they don't have any problems putting your hand down their tops so you can cop a feel. I mean, these girls are aggressive and really thirsty, right?

Everyone is coming up to us talking about how happy they are that we told them about this place (even though we only mentioned it and were overheard). Guys are drinking, dancing, having a great time, hooking up with these girls. My buddy and I are sitting there with a beer each. These girls ask us to buy them a drink. We politely decline and they walk away. One really annoying guy comes up to us (dude thinks he's Brad Pitt essentially) and tells us that he can hook up with any woman in the place. Okay. We told him to talk to the woman in the red dress. He does. They walk out. Another guy comes up.

"Dude, I love this place! Thanks for letting us know about it!" All right, we're done. Time for the bomb. We motion the guy to lean in so he can hear us over the music.

"You know that sixty percent of the women in here are dudes, right?"

Oh man. He tells his friends. They tell their friends. They tell their friends. In a matter of minutes he bar is empty except for a few locals, the "girls", and my buddy and I. We finish our beers and leave. We run into our new guys outside and they're furious but everyone is laughing so hard that nobody cares. We even ensnared one of our Corpsmen in this plot, and as a prior service Marine that was the icing on the cake for me.

Ultimately, no hard feelings but every time we told our new guys to check out something in a foreign port we had to tell them that "This isn't a [club name] trick". Good times.

Oh, and the "Brad Pitt" guy? The woman in the red dress was definitely a man.

My shirt suggests I have, but I don't think the historical record will agree :)

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