Have you ever done something illegal without even knowing it?

I used a fake name online, which may be illegal in some states. Now I spend my life in fear of black government SUVs.

Everyone does almost every day.

It's very mild, but I got a traffic ticket for doing something I didn't know was illegal.

Out here we have a lot of middle lanes that you can turn left from. Ahead was a designated left turn lane. There were a lot of cars there already. I lined up in the middle lane, to eventually get into that left turn lane, and a policeman caught me and gave me a ticket. I am VERY careful now about left turn lanes.

Why is South Africa far more developed than India?

Usually Indian cricketers are ridiculed specially by TV channells that they are Domestic lions roaring in their own backyard.Now I will say that African team is doing slightly better because the role has changed. Now Africans are lions in their own den (Ghar ke Sher).It is evident that

Have you ever been a stranger to yourself?

For most of my life I've been a stranger to myself. When you spend a lifetime having to deny who you are and what your orientation is just to survive, you lose yourself.With the death of my wife in 2015, it was safe for me to be who I am, except I have no clue who that is.

How can youth unemployment be tackled in South Africa?

South Africa has a corrupt government. They spend millions on parties, the president spends hundreds of millions just on upgrades on his house. There are so much more underlying secrecy that we don't even know. The media covers only the surface. This wasteful expenditure could have been use to