Have you ever done something that shocked even you?

Have you ever done something that shocked even you?


In December 2008 I sat down at a Texas Hold'um table for the first time ever, and did fairly well.

It was a "Nickel Roll" table (meaning it was a cheap game) that cost me eight bucks. Usually twenty or more nice people, interesting stories, and a shared sense of humor at the rest of the world and how they all run around like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off.

I decided I could afford the eight bucks a day to just have the experience. It was a way to get my mind off a deeper, darker tragedy that had unfolded recently. Something that will have repercussions forever. But that's another story.

So I won the third Nickel Roll I entered.

"Huh." I thought.

Within the week I'd won money in two more.

"Huh." I thought.

In the next three months, entering some higher dollar tourney's where the play was no more difficult than the small tourney, I played 120 times and was at the final table half the time. At the final table I ended up with the most chips half the time.

There's a thing in small Texas Hold'um tournaments where the final players, those in the money, usually split the entire pot, calling it a "chop". So even though I had the most chips at the chop, I don't really know if I would have won.

I won four tournaments in a row (highest number of chips at the chop), and won six of eleven the next week.

It got a little embarrassing. Some of the regulars would look around to see if I was there before they signed up, and some that were considered professionals refused to play with me in the same tournament. I'd have to come in late so I wouldn't scare people off.

I've never played a really big tournament, although I've played some satellites and sold the seats I won.

One of these days maybe. But I'm not greedy.

I stood up to the President my company when no one else would, in defense of the Executive Director. Everyone was shocked including me, but it had to be done. She was an awesome Director and the Sagittarius in me wouldn't let this pass.

Giving a correct answer on finalJeopardy (out of the blue) that none of the contestants knew and I didn't even know I knew. No thinking about it, I just KNEW it.

It does make you feel good. Yes, in my head there is a ton of trivia, buried deeply.

Had the British not ruled India, what type of government would modern India be?

When British came to India, the land was pretty loosely held and the ruler in Delhi was unable to control or influence the lives of the people. There were more than a thousand independent states, there was no measure of education, no national programs and most people didn't even know that ruler is of any meaning.

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