Have you ever eaten Beefaroni?

I buy it and Mini-Ravioli all of the time, thinking that it will taste like it did when I was in college. FYI it is awful. It is cheap, and easy to heat, but it is disgusting. I would rather have dog food!

I know it is because our tastes mature and we appreciate better foods as we age, but it amazes me that I ate so much of it, boxed mac and cheese and packaged noodles in my twenties!

Yes. Hooray! for Beefaroni!

Yes. It's about as yummy as Spaghetti-O's. Slimy, unnaturally orangy-red sauce, gummy, with a metallic saccharine & salt flavor. Probably what Alpo tastes like.

Makes one appreciate the ability to have anything other than that garbage in the pantry.

It's hard to believe that products like this are legal, yet alone popular.

No, I have never eaten Beefaroni. But just today I was remembering my childhood spaghetti: a giant can of Franco-American spaghetti, dumped in a frying pan, covered liberally with good cheddar cheese and a can of sliced olives.

I used to love it. Haven't had it in years & I don't plan on having it anytime soon.

No, never had barfaroni

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