Have you ever eaten durian?

My wife and I grew to love durian during our years of living in Hong Kong. We agree with the durian's Chinese nick name as the king of fruits. The ripeness of a durian gives the fruit distinctly different flavor, texture and odor. The green durian fruit is crunchy or crispy but has little odor or flavor. If we bought a green durian, we would conifer it a failed purchase. The over-ripe durian has strong odor that can be smelt from 10 feet away, its fruit is mushy or custardy, and the flavor is very sweet. Some people prefer the over-ripe and its (to some people) repulsive odor. The best durian, in my opinion, is the ripe durian which odor has a faint fragrance, fruit is sweet and texture like banana.

For people who are adventurous and want to try durian, I would suggest they should give it three tries. Trying durian just once may encounter either a green, ripe, or over-ripe durian; and the person may not like the attributes of that hit. But trying durian three times has the opportunity of hitting the ripeness that appeals to the person. If a person does not like durian after three tries, I would understand that he/she is not cut out for durian. But I think that person may find the ripeness he/she likes and would become an aficionado of this king of fruits.

And I find the odor of durian on par with some stinky cheese.

I love durian. Its smell doesn't bother me at all. It's a lot of trouble to eat. And the last time I ate it, I had nightmares.

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I've don't a lot of caulking with silicone caulk. It's usually white or clear, and has a strong odor of acetic acid. It's also very hard to get off of your hands when you're done. So I've had some repercussions I'll describe at the end.

Back to the main part of the story. Durian has a very sticky latex-like caulky sap that gets all over your hands. It's extremely sticky, and doesn't wash off. You have to rub it off with a rag or paper towel.

So I've had nightmares about this. I have a living clear or white substance on my hands, and it is growing, literally eating me alive. The only way to survive is to wipe or peel every bit of it off your body. It's very easy to get re-contaminated by touching a used paper towel or scraper.

So the nightmare, I finally realised happens when I've done caulking or eaten durian. I suspect that the main reason why transportation prohibits durian is really the horrible sticky mess that it makes.

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