Have you ever encountered a black shadow spirit?

Many times .

Actually there are many ways by which a spirit can manifest , some of the ways are A white mist , black shadow , orbs etc .

recently , while investigation a case , i did encounter many such black shadow , it went right through the camera (the camera was situated at such height that no human shadow could fall on it and the place was totally evacuated to avoid any interference) .

then there was a time when i was just walking around to just do a pre-investigation survey of place , during that time (it was around 6 pm and sunlight was still there ) I actually saw many shadows pass through front of my eye .

so yeah overall yup I have encountered many Black Shadow manifestation of spirits.

Hi yes, and it was a very unpleasant encounter.. I learned it was the spirit of an abusive to women, alcoholic male ghost, capable of hurting people. Very confrontational, dangerous spirit. It absolutely hated me, and made it where I had to leave a house I used to live in. By possessing members of my immediate family and using them to hurt me. That resulted in me having no place to live, going from place to place, and no family. I learned later that it was a shadow spirit, and often that they are dangerous, negative spirits. I also learned but already knew that they possess people often. Some call them shades, shadows, demons, and Jinn and Djinn.

I'm not aware of any specific type of spirit or spirits called black shadow, so I think you mean spirits in general. I've met spirits who were black but not negative, so black does not automatically mean negative. But I've encountered black, negative, and black-and-negative spirits.

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