Have you ever encountered a malevolent ghost/spirit?

Yes I have. My advice is to try to avoid such an encounter if at all possible. All malevolent spirits (referred to as ghosts by many) are bad and wicked angels, otherwise called demons, that have rebelled against God. They all hate God and everyone and everything he loves. The very first one to rebel, who is the leader of all malevolent spirits, is called Satan the Devil. They live and exist in earth's atmosphere in a parallel dimension. Things to avoid are; seances, magic, witchcraft and sorcery, fortune telling, crystal ball gazing, tarot card reading, palmistry, astrology, mind altering substances such as illegal drugs and some legal ones, tobacco smoking, the use or possession of ouija boards or their digital equivalents, other forms of divination and spiritism and occultism .

These spirits can, like con-artists, act friendly to win your confidence or to manipulate you while having a hidden agenda. They are also more powerful and intelligent than humans. They are extremely prideful and have a superiority complex. So if you ever truly encounter one never disrespect it by speaking abusively toward it. Never try to communicate with one because it will intelligently manipulate you in one way or another. The only sure way to get help if there is an encounter with one is to call on God in prayer. He may even send a powerful and loyal, holy angel to help.

I have come in contact with a malevolent spirit on three separate occasions over the years I have been investigating the paranormal. One of these experiences I won't talk about on here but I will tell my other two tales.

1- While investigating a Masonic lodge back when I was first starting out in paranormal investigation, I was walking through the front foyer when I smelled a really odd, old, musty Chinese food smell. I also got a feeling like something didn't want me in the room. I paused as soon as I smelled and felt this and immediately heard something move. A second or so later, another member of my group walked in and the feeling and smell went away immediately. I investigated the foyer further and noticed a plastic bag on a shelf that had made the noise I had heard. There was no air moving and nobody else was in the room so I can't explain why I heard it move. Fast forward a few hours. I was again walking through the foyer by myself. As soon as I stepped in the room, I immediately smelled the old, musty Chinese food smell and this time I got a feeling that something REALLY didn't want me in there/didn't like me. All of a sudden, I saw dark masses forming all around me and rushing in at me and I saw the walls start to contort and rush in at me too. I bolted and ran out the door on the other side of the room as fast as I could. As soon as I got out of the room, everything felt fine. I turned and looked back inside the foyer and everything looked normal. I was breathing heavy and my heart was racing. I notified my team and we all investigated the room together. We did catch an odd light anomaly shooting out of a doorway of an adjoining room but didn't catch or experience anything else.

2- This malevolent spirit encounter did not affect me directly but rather happened to a paranormal investigator who was investigating with my team and I. We were in a haunted opera house that we had investigated a couple other times. We all went down to the basement to investigate and heard some running water coming from the basement kitchen. I was leading the way but decided that the running water would make EVP review and capture difficult so I elected not to go into the basement kitchen and made my way into the hall. JT(our guest investigator) and two other of my team members decided to head into the kitchen anyway just to check it out. JT lead the way and seconds after he stepped into the kitchen, he felt a painful, burning sensation on his neck. He immediately stepped back out of the kitchen and to our shock, there was a large, almost bleeding scratch mark on his neck. We cannot explain what caused the mark as 30 seconds before he gets scratched, he walks in front of a camera and clearly has no mark on his neck, nor does he get close to bumping into any equipment in the kitchen.
Here is the video clip of when he gets scratched:


I've heard strange things and seen strange things. I've heard pots and pans shake and footsteps coming from an attic. I've seen dark shadowy forms at night and doors open by themselves. One time a radio turned on by itself.

No touching, biting, scratching, or pushing or worse.

I've had vivid dreams, nightmares of shadow figures coming at me, scaring me but I've always known,it's just a dream....

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