Have you ever encountered a rude barista?

Some baristas I have encountered (most at Starbucks) have never heard of a Cortado: simply a serving of espresso that is "cut" (the translation of cortado) with an equal part, or slightly more, of steamed milk.

Usually I get a perplexed look followed by being just charged for a shot of espresso, or sometimes a double shot.

Almost any other coffee shop either has a cortado on the menu, or is very familiar with the beverage.

Essentially, it's just a mini-latte, save all the milk.

What would the world be like if Christianity never existed?

There are two ways to interpret the question. One is what would the world be like if Christianity would simply go away. That is a no brainer and we'll soon find out, as religion is definitely on the wane. About time, too.The more complex question, what

What is the least diverse country in the world?

Least Ethnically Diverse Countries In The WorldAmerica SamoaTthis island is populated by Samoans of Polynesian descent. Ancestral tradition is extremely important. A single tuna cannery is the primary industry, which exports several hundred million dollars of tuna to the U.S. each year. Their tourism industry

Which European Country influenced Japan the most?

Portuguese....introduced the first fire-arms in Japan, teach them how to produce them, produced the first Japanese-Portuguese dictionary, helped them in many of their internal civil wars, introduced Christianity (mostly Jesuits), etc...and also built a port that would became Nagasaki...by far the Portuguese were the biggest European influence opening Japan to the Western world.