Have you ever experienced a ghost, even though you don't believe in them?

Paul, I'm a paranormal investigator here in the US with my husband. For the longest time I never believed in ghosts either, but when something hits you in the face, well, there is no other way to put it, you have to make a decision as to what you just saw.

Now you have to understand that I was raised by parents that did not allow me to believe in spirits, but here is what happened to me in that same house. I grew up in a brownstone in Park Slope, Brooklyn and here is my story:

When I was growing up in Park Slope, NY, we lived in a very old brownstone that was built in the late 19th Century.  The house was in need of alot of renovations and we couldn't even have an air conditioner because it would probably catch fire because the house was in terrible need of electrical updates and mending. 

Even though the brownstone in Brooklyn was in terrible shape, I still loved that house. I was raised in a household that did not recognize the unseen and the paranormal. We were told early on that there was no such thing as spirits and we couldn't even say anything about the supernatural without my parents going on a lecture about how we are not to believe in such things, etc.

I heard my parents' lectures so many times that I didn't hear them anymore whenever they started on the supernatural and how it isn't real.  There was one room in our house though that even my parents were confused by.  The room was my brother's old room and even though it was vacant, we would always hear a baby crying and other noises coming from that room.  My father would mention it sometimes, but my mom would tell him that there was nothing in that room.

When my parents decided to finally renovate our house (I was around 15 years old), my brother and I were in charge of scrapping the old wallpaper and removing some of the terrible floor boards.  Of course, the room with the noises was to be renovated as well. When my brother and I went into the room and started scrapping the old wallpaper, it was a kind of adventure. There was some very fancy wallpaper underneath. It looked like it was made with real silk and gold leaf. However, there was also some really cheap wallpaper too that looked like it belonged to some early 20th Century brothel. 

When we started to remove the floorboards, that's when it became interesting. Underneath the floorboards was this strange other floor that was made of some kind of cardboard and wood and it had all of these nursery rhymes written on it along with pictures. There was pictures of teddy bears, the cow that jumped over the moon, the cat and the fiddle, and many others.  It was really creepy looking because it was obvious that whoever put it there had drawn and painted everything by hand. It looked like something from the 19th Century and we soon realized that the room was a nursery.  There was newspaper clippings in the wall about different events and crimes from the same time as the nursery rhyme floorboards.  We showed the floors to our parents and they told us to just leave them there, that they were going to cover them up anyway.  I was very interested in the room after that and the activity in the room increased.

Soon after all the renovations in that room (my parents just made it into a guest room and no one ever went in there), I started to see a little girl of about 6 or 7 in a period dress showing up in my room.  I shared a door with the guest room and I would see this little girl come right through the door and stand there looking at me. After a while, I got used to the girl and started to communicate with her.  She told me that her name is Lucy and that this is her home. She lived in the house way before we ever bought it and she was wondering where her family was.  I told her that her family is no longer here but I can be her friend.  I was so used to seeing spirits because I had seen them most of my life that I actually looked forward to Lucy when she would come into my room.  Lucy was not the only spirit in the brownstone, but I will tell you all about that later.

When I moved out, I thought about Lucy often.  I knew that she had passed away from some kind of bronchial infection when she was very young.

Lucy is just one of many other spirits that I had come across in my life. There are others, but I hope this helps you.

Oh My God!


Whatever I am going to discuss here, it has happened when I was in 12th class.

#Reader Discretion is Required#

Incident 1:

On that day, I came from home to my hostel at 5.30 PM. It was my first day. I was about to cry because I was home sick. Then I had put my face against the wall and I was telling myself, "Jagadeesh, Don't cry! Your friends will laugh at you! Control yourself brother!" . At that very next second, I heard a soft sound from the wall, it was like voice covered with ice! I didn't hear properly but I definitely heard something. I turned to my friends but everyone was going crazy about their summer break. I went to see what's beside of my room. I thought there would be another room for sure but our room was the last one and there were just bathrooms. I thought maybe it was the sound of water flashing on the ground. WAS IT? OR WAS IT Something else?

Incident 2:

This happened on the very next day and similarly at time 5.30 PM. I was sitting on a cot and laying my body against the wall. Suddenly I heard someone calling me from the same tone like the other day. But this time, I clearly heard my name. I turned my face to the next bed thinking my friend had called me but my friend's legs are there. His face is on the other end of cot. That just freaked me out. I took that seriously. I went to the bathroom to see if anyone is present in the bathroom. To freak me more, there was no one. I couldn't believe myself. I knew for sure that these things are silly but when these happen to us, it is not funny anymore.

Last incident:

The next day, I did not hear anything. It was just so cool. But this incident happened after 1 week. We were given a break or outing as the college authority tells us to go out and enjoy. Our whole group of friends went outside the hostel. I stood a place where I could still see my room from the road. I told my friends to look at our room from the road. While looking at that, I saw an image that blew my mind. I saw an old house which was completely scary just below the bottom of our bathroom which is beside my room. That was the last time I got to know that.. whatever I had felt was true. I just ran away from that place and I would never turn my head to that place again.

Well, that was it. In the whole year, I tried to keep my ear against the wall to hear something. But I failed everytime. And believe me I couldn't even hear the water noise!

I shared with my friends but no one believed me. At least you guys would!



When I was a teenager, we shifted to a rented house. Me and my younger sister didn't like the house at all because it was very poorly maintained. Bathroom was very dirty (was unable to get it clean), kitchen was old and kind of had a smoked out look. The kids' bedroom just felt spooky. I believe my 9 year old sister turned little OCD ed about cleanliness with the few months we lived there.

But the funniest thing was the way the lizards and some squeeky animals hidden in attic( guess it was rats or maybe bats) acted. Lizards ( I think it was one particular lizard, but I can't be sure, it was a huge one) would kind of bang on the wooden parts repeatedly with their body to make a rattling noise and when I gaze at it seemed to be staring directly at me. I am not an expert on lizard behaviour, so didn't bother much.

Another thing was even though it was dry season, almost every day, there would be a puddle of water near the front door of the house. Not outside, right under the door. As if someone poured water on the door, but door would be dry. I am not a morning person, it takes atleast half an hour for my brain to get active, so by the time I actually start wondering about that puddle, mom would have cleaned it. And I didn't give it much thought.

Few months later mom was talking to our neighbour. I was hanging around the phone to try to call my friend without mom overhearing. When she saw me she thought I was trying to listen to their conversation. After the lady left, she told me, "Don't tell your sister, she may get scared."

Me: "what?"

Mom: "about the church."

Me: "What was it about the church?"

Mom: "You heard what we were talking, about that."

Me: "I didn't understand the need of church."

Mom: "The lady was a catholic, she is buried in the cemetery, so special prayers in Church."

Later, I gleaned the story and it goes like this: an old lady lived in the house alone. She fought with her son and daughter-in-law and nobody took care of her. Neighbors came and went once in a while. She was adamant about shifting to a hospital or old age home. She believed that the daughter-in-law would take all her son's possession and kick him out on Street, so she was safe gaurding this old house for that desperate times. Later, she fell ill and could not walk to the bathroom and used to pee at the front door (no idea how people came to know that and if they saw her why they didn't help her. It's roumered she was very foul mouthed and son didn't care enough to check on her. Maybe neighbours kept their distance because of this and didn't inform her son). She died in the house all by herself and others came to know only after few days.

After few months the house was rented to us.

I was a typical teenage girl, totally self absorbed. I didn't really notice when the puddling stopped. Mom says it stopped the next day of special prayers being offered in church.

I don't know what to make of it.

When my son was born I lived in a house that was 110 years old. It was a beautiful home that had been restored to it's original beauty, it had solid walls, high ceilings, huge comfortable rooms and a swinging door between the dining room and living room - I loved that house!

There were times that I would catch something in my peripheral vision - a flash, a slight movement etc, I really didn't dwell on it as I had other things that required my attention being the single mother of a young child.

One evening after a very long day at work, my son was about 6 months old at the time, I had him upstairs with me in my bedroom watching a movie. The swinging door in the kitchen "swooshed" (we usually kept it propped open), I didn't think much about it thinking it was my roommate closing it for some reason - then it happened again...and again....and again - it kept happening. I went to the top of the stairs and called my roommates name a couple of times with no answer - the door kept "swooshing". I called my roommate on her cell, she was a block over at a friends house and they came over immediately. They had 91 already dialed into the phone, ready to dial the next 1 because we thought someone was in that big house that shouldn't be.

There was no one there but there was a gas leak! The whole downstairs reeked of gas.

I don't know what or who "swooshed" that door but I do know that if my son and I had gone to sleep without knowing there was a gas leak, it's quite possible I wouldn't be writing this on Quora today.

It's difficult to know if this experience was paranormal but it was certainly unexplainable and terrifying and I am yet to understand what happened...perhaps Quorans can think of an explanation.

It was a warm summers day around 10 years ago when we had just moved into our new house. The interior was dated so we needed to strip the wallpaper and repaint the walls. I was in the sixth form at the time, and had a the afternoon free so I headed home to work a little on the house, which was empty at the time.

I headed to the room which was to be the dining room and used a ‘steamer', a tool to help moisten wallpaper to easily scrape it off. With the steamer in one hand and a scraper in the other, I proceeded to work my way along the wall taking down the wallpaper as I went. About half way into the second wall with my back towards the room, I felt two strong sharp tugs on my shirt as if someone was pulling at the bottom. I quickly spun around expecting to see my brother but was faced with an empty room..I froze dumbfounded and my heart started racing, then I dropped the tools, put my back against the wall then side stepped out, waited outside until someone arrived.

Nothing like this happened since, but I read that paranormal experiences often occur during renevation of a house, and I cannot think of any logical explanations.

Okay, I don't believe in ghosts.

But, I have issues:

1. I used to hear ungodly things, as a child. My old childhood home was ninety years old and a creepy little bungalow it was, one floor, an attic and a basement. My bed faced or was near the door to the attic(who puts a doorway to the attic in someone's bedroom???). During the silence of the night, as all my family slept, my insomnia would leave me awake, all night long, as the sounds of something walking around the stairwell and above my head in the attic, training for a marathon.

How do you tell your parents,"Hey, I keep hearing someone running up the stairs at night, can you make it stop?"

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