Have you ever experienced any paranormal activity?

Hey there , I haven't interacted but yes I have had a paranormal experience back in 2007–08.


The audience laughs at you or a layman when they narrate about the paranormal experiences they once went through. They mock you for being superstitious when they see you praying or worshipping they say "oh you are so fusty we live in 2018, stop all this nonsense and let it happen". People or let's say, youngsters of today pretend to be atheists, pretend to be different from others. That's what is being modern to them. I am a believer in god, I know it exists, it does, I know it, I have felt it, things have happened when I ceased to six when the world was just a mere dream full of magnificence. Back when it was 2007, just eleven years ago and yet has passed peacefully, I am thankful for the almighty that he kept me safe throughout the seventeen years of my life. Yes, I am seventeen, you might think why does a young adolescent is writing about what has happened horrific in one of her growing phases, yes I am writing this because it needs to be said, it needs to be felt. I am not forcing anybody to be theists, I am just urging all the theists and so called modern people to not mock at anyone if they share about their experiences be it what may, to not mock on the theists because they are human beings too and have their own choices and freedom. If its your choice to be an atheist , its their choice to be theists. I urge each and every reader to respect each other's choices and opinions.

It was a dazzling and a playful day when I went along with my friends no my playing buddies to an unknown place full of big grasses. I feared what if I am bit by a snake, I might die. Nevertheless, I went because my buddies insisted actually instigated me to. Thankfully there was no snake, we played hide and seek, Ice and water. While playing I observed quite many things queer. The place had a mysterious stillness and this was quite erratic because we lived in the Army Cantonment, where exercises took place like regular PT periods in school , there was patrolling 24/7 , still I could not see any human being except for the ones who came to an unknown place that is me and my playing buddies. The wind blew faster, the dust obstructed our eyes, we were in Kota, Rajasthan at that time. The wind blew, blew and it blew. One of my buds who was elder to us like maybe 12 years old insisted that we must return to our homes without any delay otherwise we may get a good verbal thrashing from our mothers, yes mothers because the fathers of the majority of us used to stay out for exercises in places like Pokhran , Bikaner , Barmer ,etc , you might think that though I am seventeen how come at that time a mere seven year old little chap could easily know about all these places. Well the answer is that if you are an army brat, you tend to know about all these places quite fairly as and when you travel though you know nothing about the place you know the name and that's what is called an achievement for a seven year old little chap.

We retreated and when I entered the drawing room of my accommodation , my mother was really intreat to know that where the hell I was, because she never saw me in the compound and when she asked the Guard to go and look for us in the park , I was absent there too. Since I was young I really feared my mother and out of fright I gulped out everything to her. She laughed and that was the jaw breaking moment because I never thought she would. She calmly said , " Baby never do that again , always inform me or the Guard where you go". I quietly listened to her and nodded my head. While I was taking off my shoes I saw something dirty stuck to it. I went out in the terrace and removed it with a small stick and threw it away. Little did I know that the dirty thing will prove out to be the most horrifying thing in the world.

As usual I sat down with my mother at the dinner table and we started narrating our day to each other. I told her that the place was quite strange in its appearances. It had big grasses mostly faded , not taken care of , there were no swings , slides , merry go rounds , etc. There were no people around us , the place had only us. The place had a mysterious stillness. The wind blew and blew over. I told her everything that I felt but I never told her about the dirty thing stuck in my shoes. It's not that I never wanted to its just that I never felt necessary to tell it to her. Next day I went to play in the same strange place and this time I had informed my mother. I had also informed the Guard. All went well but again I felt something strange there. I felt , apart us , there was someone else who was watching us play. I told this to that 12yr old boy , he laughed and said " Did you watch 1920 yesterday on tv?" I said ," Yes". He then calmed me down saying it was all the effect that the movie had on me and that there was no one except for us. It may be so because after all I was a small child. But I still could not rectify how come me and my buddies never felt scared in that queer place. That day , the Eagles were continuously making noises above us as if they were warning us to leave the place immediately. Suddenly some monkeys hurled up upon us and started scampering here and there , we got frightened and immediately left the place. Haha maybe the eagles had signalled the monkeys to do so. It's seems pretty funny now but it wasn't then. I came home early panting as I never ran as fast as I did that day. Not only me but all of us were panting. We went to one of my buddies place and played in their garden. His mother brought us some cookies and some Rasna which I loved the most. I was a pretty cute and sweet fellow, so everyone loved to embrace me. Aunty came to me and started asking about me and my family. Suddenly she touched me on my head to remove the dust which was stuck onto it. And she said that I had high fever but I felt normal. Aunty called uncle to check if I had fever , Uncle said the same that I did. Since aunty was busy with her one year old baby , she sent Uncle with to my house. Tring trong , Uncle rang the bell. Mom opened the door just to see me with Uncle and Uncle saying " Ma'am Diya is high with fever". Mom thanked uncle and he left.

My mom was pretty sure that it just a normal fever and would go in a day or two. I had school next day and mom had already given me a Paracetamol. Fever had gone and so was I to the school. I was in second grade then , our maths teacher was teaching us to solve word problems. I went up to her and said that I wasn't feeling well and want to go to mom immediately. Wait did I tell you mom was a teacher in the school. No , so yeah she was. Maths Ma'am took me to mom and mom again sensed high fever. Both of us went to the MH ( Military Hospital) and the doctor told to not to worry, give me one more paracetamol and let me sleep. He said that I would be normal by evening. He also insisted to not to send me school the next day. Mom did as directed, I was normal by evening and mom did not allow me to play that evening. I was okay with it. There were two of the maids at home accompanying me. Since I was to stay home that morning, my mom told one of them to take care of me. I used to call them Didi ( sister). While watching tv , I fell ill , went to the washroom and started puking. Suddenly I fainted. All black. Nothing was I now aware of . I then sensed splashes of water over me. I think Didi was doing it in order to bring me back to my senses. I was conscious. She asked me , " How did you faint? " I told him that I fell ill and puked. As he knew that I had fever the previous day , he again checked me on my forehead if I had it again and yes I had fever again. This was strange as it never happened to me before. I was given the same medicine as before and then again I had to miss my school. I was the most joyous person at that time because then getting out of bed for school used to be a huge struggle for me and it still is. I was happy again Yay No school today again. I can watch as much as tv as I want. This was me eleven years ago. So a normal day again without any hurdles I mean with no fever. So now you can imagine what next. Yes I had to go to school the next day. Aghhhh not again , school , no. My mom used to get up at 0345hrs. While preparing tiffin for us, she could sense someone standing behind her, walking past her, she could hear someone's breathing but as she turned around, there was no one. It was chilling but still, she got back to work again thinking she must be overthinking about my illness and were hallucinations. Again we reached the school, and the very first period was our games period. I was not feeling well and so I went up to my games teacher and asked that whether I could go to my mom, he permitted. I went to my mom and she was perplexed. Not again that I had a fever. Come on it was the third day. Nonetheless, my mom took a half day leave, we went home and by that time I saw, Dad, he had returned from his exercise. He was surprised to see me home so early. Mom told him that this was the third day since I had a fever. It came went and again it came. My mother was not able to now differentiate between a fever and a television advertisement. Dad took me to the hospital and the doc was also perplexed to see me again. Along with fever I was now weak and had tonsils. I never wanted to eat anything, it made me weak. The doc said I had to eat and I did but unwillingly. Since it was the summer season, dad insisted that Rino , our pet dog, a white Pomeranian, shall sleep with us in our bedroom since our bedroom had an AC. Lights off, everybody off to the sack, I am unwell as well as tired, dad was tired so was Mom and my little brother. After we were fast asleep, all of a sudden, Rino started barking as hell like hell and was barking pointing towards the closet. All the four of us woke up, it was 3:00 am, we saw the closet open and it was inexplicable to how it was open was also had latched it before we went to sleep. There were no chances of a thief to enter our house, come on we lived in an Army Cantonment, any stranger entering the premises was impossible so how come the closet was open. Dad presumed to say that we might have left it open mistakenly and forgot about it after such a hectic day. Mom though nodded her head but she never agreed to what dad said. She sensed something quaint in Rino's barking as he had never barked so fiercely at something.

Just after half an hour, my mom woke up to prepare tiffin for us and again she sensed someone standing right behind her. Mom's spine chilled but she disdained and continued with her work. It was all dark, all quiet, not even the birds had started chirping, since, at 0345hrs, Rajasthan remains as dark as the midnight time. Again she sensed something really potent passing by her, it passed slowly, it breathed deafeningly or let's say it was panting, it was trying to harm my mom but couldn't. She turned around again and found no one except her. She was terrified. It was a bad omen. Something was not right. By the time my dad woke and as he came to the kitchen and placed his hands on mom's shoulder, she screamed with fear. My dad was surprised to see my mom's pale face. I was awakened by mom's scream. I saw mom heebie-jeebies. Dad told me to go and freshen up. Ahh, I was not supposed to go to school the next day. So I was relaxed. So now it was 1430hrs , mom was back from school and so was dad and my lil' bro. So let's name my bro Jim since he has warned not to disclose his nickname. After everyone was home , we had our lunch and were resting. My dad took an afternoon nap but me , Jim and mom were watching tv. Suddenly me and mom could hear two people , two ladies speaking , a girl of perhaps my age and a woman of mom's age. We could hear them so clearly in this late afternoon with the tv on. Their sounds started defeaning slowly and then my mom went out to see what the matter was and who these two people were. As soon as she opened the entrance door and went out, looked here and there but found no one. She came inside and sat down to watch the tv. I asked her, "Mamma who was there outside? Who was talking? You also heard them, right?" My mom was unanswerable. She said there was no one outside. But I cohered to my words, I was convinced that two people were conversing then how come mom said that there was no one outside. At about 1945hrs, it started to darken all around. I was in the drawing room with dad, mom was busy with her school work, and Jim was playing with his toys in the other room. Jim was four years old at that time, he was playing and suddenly and he came sprinting to my mom petrified, he was cold and had turned blue. He rightly told," Mamma there is someone in the room. She opened the door of the closet and held my neck tightly to kill me. I don't want to go to that room." Yes, he was a playful boy, mischievous but he was not playing a prank then. His eyes spoke all the truth. He hadn't been such petrified as before. My mom came into the room but saw no one there. Mom came to dad and told about that incident. This time dad too felt something was not right. We had to go to a party that day. Jim was so terrified that he didn't want to dress up alone in any of the rooms. Listening to what he said, I was also terrified. So mom helped me and Jim get ready and we both were so terrified that in the whole party both of us were together and not leaving each other for even a millisecond alone. Everybody thought it be the caring and adorable attitude of both of the two siblings but we knew that it was fear which now had accompanied us.

We returned home early that day from the party actually the party ended early by 2300hrs , it usually ended by 0300hrs or 0400hrs. It ended early that day so everyone was quite happy. Oh wait , I forgot to mention something important. Before we departed for the party ,2300hrs, asked one of the maids to stay in the house till we came back to which she denied and said " I am sorry sir , we , feel scared when we are here alone in the house. We always feel someone around us. I would sir, with others at the compound itself but not in the house". This statement of her made us shocked. Dad too was shocked but anyways he never forced Didi to stay in the house. So it was not only mom and Jim experiencing all these strange activities but also the maids too. We went to sleep by 2330hrs and it had not been a little while we were asleep that suddenly mom started waking dad up and said she heard the door of the room open and that of the closet too. Rino was also barking at the same appear. But neither of the doors was open. Dad somehow convinced mom that nothing happened besides that she had dreamt about it. We slept again. After about two hours dad woke up to go to the washroom. As he got off the bed , he saw a little girl standing beside the bathroom crying. He saw the girl fully dark and he immediately woke up my mom to ask why I was standing there and crying. Mom said," Where can you see Diya crying, she is sleeping right beside me!" Dad was shocked. He couldn't believe to what he just saw. It was inexplicable. Mom told dad to calm down and sleep.

My grandma was to come the next day. Dad went to the railway station to pick her up and bring home. By the time she came , it was already 2100hrs , mom had started to prepare dinner for us. We all ate and went to sleep. A week passed by the, incidents repeated itself, every morning mom sensed the same eerie around but how could she help it but to accept to the fact that it just happened. One fine morning she saw grandma lying on the floor sleeping. She found that very weird and went to my dad and informed her about this. Grandma overheard their conversation and came forward and said , " My dear , I know that you are upset upon seeing me lying on the floor and sleeping but what do I do , everyday around 0200-0300hrs , there is someone who turns on the lights and sometimes even pushes me off the bed. I first thought that either Diya or Jim played a prank on me but why would these little chicks do it in midnight. I know you won't believe this but trust it does happen." Grandma while narrating this looked petrified. In meantime I again fell ill and now it continued for almost a week. Yes a week. Doctor prescribed all the tests possible even to the extent that I was tested for Cancer too. All the results were normal. I was diagnosed with no serious problem. But no one could understand what happened to me. Mom is an eccedentisiast , she would smile but there was immense pain from inside. How could a mother see her child ill as hell!? Whenever she entered the school people knew that Mom has entered the campus but now she would be as quiet as a serene lake. No one came to notice her , she was that quiet. The world is full of quidnuncs and so there was one in the school. I am calling him a quidnunc in a positive way. He was my IT teacher, Navdeep sir. He went to my mom and said, " Maam if you don't mind me saying , if you ask me , Rajasthan is a place full of spirits both evil and good. Looking as what has happened to Diya , I think she is possesed. Don't mind Maam shall I tell you about someone who is an exorcist. He would definitely help you." Mom immediately agreed and Sir gave all his details. He was a Muslim man , tall, fair with big beard , an old man , people called him either Baba or Maulvi Sahab. What he did , I am extremely thankful to him. For me , he is an angel disguised in the form of man.

That day itself we went to him. All the four of us excluding grandma. The moment Baba saw me , he handed me a piece of paper which had something written in Urdu. I saw it and then I don't remember anything. Mom says the moment I saw it , I was kind of hypnotized. Everyone called me Diya , Diya , Diya but I gave no response. He suddenly clapped his fingers near my ear and chanted a hymn in Urdu. I was normal. I remembered nothing. This particular incident was told by my mom. Baba said that he wanted to visit my house as soon as possible. Dad next day himself went to Baba and picked him up. Our accommodation was in the first floor. As he was walking upstairs , dad and Baba both smelled something filthy. He was not told about our house. As he entered our house , he straightly walked towards the toy room where Jim was attacked. He adamantly stood in front of the closet from where the spirit held Jim's neck. He chanted hymns there and went out. Then he straight away went to the mulberry or the peepal tree and chanted hymns there too and tied a holy thread around it. Then he made some pendent out of a black thread , red cloth and some stone maybe the holy stone. He made us wear that and not to take it out at any cost and even wear it while bathing. Mom was really entreat to know what had happened. What was it? Why is it here? Baba asked mom " Lady do you want to see those two spirits. They are a mother and a daughter duo. They are evil. They tried to harm you to a very extreme extent but couldn't. Maybe you do something good and that god has always saved you from them." Mom used to pray every evening in the house and lighted earthen pots and sand sticks. Baba said doing these small rituals also is very powerful against the evil. Baba even asked mom if she wanted to see them. Mom denied and said to send them to their own world. Baba told us that while playing I stepped on something which brought those spirits along with me. Remember I told about that dirty thing stuck in my shoe. Little did I know that it will prove out something eerie like this. Baba blessed our house with his holy words and left. That filthy smell never came now when he was leaving. This was perhaps a good omen.

Days passed by and one fine day Jim complained that the pendant had disappeared from his neck. Dad immediately called Baba and told him about the incident. Baba told us to calm down and said Jim was out of danger. Yes "out of danger" were his real words. But I wasn't. The pendant was there in my neck till the last day of dad's tenure in Kota. While we left , my pendant disappeared from my neck suddenly. I said I had put it in a doll. I brought that doll to mom but we couldn't find it. Mom called Baba but Baba again calmed down mom saying " Your girl is out of danger. It was not in the doll. She mistook it. God bless you".

Mom perplexedly asked "Baba I never mentioned about the doll , how did you come to know?" To which Baba replied, " Allah sab much dikhata hai ( God showed me everything)". I was out dang of danger now. I was fully fit again. Again a dazzling Diya was back in her form. I was never struck with fever the day Baba left home. To thank him dad called and asked, "Sir you have helped us a lot. I want to thank you. What should I do for you?" Baba replied " Go and feed some beggars in your area. I will accept this as my fee". Dad did as directed. But before my pendant disappeared , my Rino left the home. He just left. We searched him everywhere but no clues. It is said that a dog takes the evil far away from you. Rino took them away from us. I miss him. I really do. He is alive in my memories , in our photo album , yes a photo album what's there too astonishing in it. Back in the year 2007 we didn't have smartphones.I miss you Rino.

This incident made me a firm believer in god. I never question what happens to me. It's god's decision. And he will give the best to me.

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