Have you ever fallen in love with a dead person?

In a way yes! There was this guy I knew my entire life. Went to church with him. Went to school with him for a while. We sat together on the bus a few years. We were friends, not close friends but friends. I would often catch him looking at me intensely when he was at my school. He moved and we fell out of touch. Some years after, I was coming home from work and came upon a car wreck. I didn't know it at the time but it was that guy. The wreck haunted me for years. I had always wondered if I had gotten there a little sooner, even if he wrecked and hit me, maybe it wouldn't have been fatal. I've sorta "loved" him perhaps all along but definitely in my memories after he passed. I have visited his grave over the years and told him about what he's missed in life, the advancements in technology and such. It's one of those things where you say "if I had a time machine, I would go back and change things"...

People make mistakes and sometimes do things they know are wrong. How can they stop this?

Willpower.Willpower is exactly what it says on the tin, power. If a man works hard he will be much closer to succeeding. It is a simple fact that if you will it, so it shall be.I am a man of weakness and temptation, I have OCD,

What was the moment when you felt like a fool?

I Hello everyone.I'm here to tell that how fool i was...when i missed the chance to propose a girl. U all got it right...that...I'm SINGLE{by the grace of God}.That's a story of only 15 days of my coaching...[it means she attended coaching only for 15 days]..So here we go....As entered in my

What could be the culture shocks that Americans would experience in your country?

MexicoI would think Americans would be shocked at:The obvious language differenceThat quite a few people speak English, but not everyone does.The metric systemThe way people driveThe apparent chaos in the cities.The condition of the roadsFew or no warning signs on said roadsThe conspicuous social inequalityThat there are blond people in Mexico with green or blue eyes.The spicy