Have you ever fallen in love with a guy while you are straight?

I assume you are asking men that, and I am female so i'm not the intended target of the question but I'll say this: it's certainly possible to fall in love with a guy even if you've only been attracted to women, and there's nothing wrong with that, it just means this guy happens to be the exception to that "rule", for whatever reason. Some who consider themselves gay have occasionally fallen for people of other sexes too and there's nothing wrong with that either. Love and sexuality are much more complex than society wants us to believe. I think we would all be much happier if we were just allowed to focus on our feelings for our loved ones instead of being made to obsess over labels and sexual identity. After all, love is neither straight or gay. It's just love.

  • I am straight......but I don't think loving anyone depends upon being straight or a gay.
  • Yeah i do love my friends. They are my brothers and I will be there for them whenever they are in any need.
  • I love a girl even after that I love these guys. I don't think loving anyone is based upon any sexuality and it is definitely not dependant on being straight or a gay !! It's just that you love a person ...thats it ....it simply just happens.

How will life be if the number had not been invented?

I assume that you mean if math had not been invented? That would be impossible to not have occurred unless we never evolved from the primate ape stage.Every farmer that ever was needed math to keep track of how many sheep or goats he had and how many were killed by predators each night.

What is "turned out" in prison?

Turned out is when you have a drug habit, or aren't too keen on paying for the soups you borrowed at 3 for 1 interest rates from someone with no teeth at 26 and racial slurs tattooed on his knuckles, or, perhaps,

What are the pros and cons of being a Project Manager?

Pros and cons of being a PM is you get to steer it (the project) as / like a pilot of an aircraft or captain of a ship.It is a ‘Cons' -when the project fails,you are expected to take the complete blame - as