Have you ever fallen in love with someone after saving them?

Yes I have....... My current boyfriend.

We have been dating a year but about 3 or 4 months Into our relationship he text me to say he was going to end it all as he was tired of all the shit his ex was heaping on him. She basically accused him of rape because he refused to take her back and got into a relationship with me instead, she also got him into a shed load of debt which we are both working through together. But yeah I digress slightly.

I got that text and after several attempts to get him on the phone I rang an ambulance from where I was 2 hours away, and I'm glad to say we are still together and stronger than ever for it.

What was the most shocking thing you saw your child (ren) do?

I'm not sure in what sense you are asking the question, but if I take it to mean

What is one thing you would do differently if you could go back to being 22?

I won't change one but, two as I have so many regrets and wishes to do things differently if I had a chance.Firstly, I would enroll in the bachelor's program and graduate so that no one would judge or insult me regarding my education and no one could

Have you ever seen a basking shark?

Yes, me and some friends were on holiday in Cornwall, England (Sennen Cove) in 2006. We had hired surf boards and were just messing around on them. We saw 2 separate dorsal fins sticking out the water, the sharks were about 3–4 hundred meters out from the