Have you ever fallen in love with someone over the internet?

Yes ..I am a girl and I have fallen for somebody on net.I know him since I was in class tenth..It all started when I wanted to learn hacking and I got his i.d from net..As time passed I forgot my motive to learn hacking,it was more of exchanging conversations,spending time with each other ,knowing each other...It has been eight years since I know him ,and 9th year is about to begin :P THe best part of the story is even he has fallen for me and after years he confessed that he don't even know hacking ,he wrote his i.d on that site to test whether it will. Be posted or not..

Not only this I met another person on net who is my bestest friend...and I am his...we both know each other inside out..it has been 5 years since I know him ,I have met him too,he was with me whenever I needed him and apart from these two another girl whom I met on this virtual world is my best friend we have becomr soul sisters..these three have become my bestest friends and I love three of them °

On this virtual world you can meet numerous kind of people ,some will hate you ,some won't be good ,but some will be best..its just that choose wisely, while talking stay alert ..it can turn out to be a good friendship or it can ruin you...

I know its ridiculous to fall in love with the person you just met online. You don't even know him/her. You even asked yourself like, is he/she even a real person? does he/she even honest with me?

I've met this guy in a particular dating site and god he is EXCEPTIONAL! Exceptional in a sense that, he is not rude or **sexually active and just having fun, he is not clingy and just being himself. (**sexually active by all means not asking a girl to show her woman hood in exchange for money). He is really a cool guy but I was wondering why is he still single in that certain age (He is 44). I went back to those question in the back of my mind again if "is he really being honest?".

People close to me told me that those kind of people are searching for real love at this late stage, cause they just realize that they need someone to be with and its really hard to grow old alone; but others told me that maybe he is married and got kids and fallen out of love with his wife and looking for a replacement before he divorce her (I hope that's not the case though).

Anyway, he was kind, funny, good looking guy (you can't even tell his age by his appearance). He is from UK and technically I am somewhere part of Asia.

I saw some love stories online that a man and a woman find true love over the internet and live happily ever after. Things like that inspires me the most specially when they end up together and love each other so much. I also read some articles online that a woman from somewhere part of the world asked a man for money in exchange with cam-to-cam S**. I really hate those things but as what I've mentioned above that this guy is exceptional!

We were chatting for almost 2 months now and things are getting SERIOUS. I know 2 months is just too soon to say that I've fallen in love with him already but who knows, maybe he is the right man for me. Fingers crossed! XD

Yes.  Sometimes it worked out, sometimes it didn't.

I know many people who fell in love through the internet and are now married to their formerly-long-distance partner.  That includes some of my exes, as well.

Interacting more fully through the internet is for people with imaginations and less rigid emotional paradigms.  It is not for everyone, and not everyone is even capable of making the mental connections necessary to associate their internet-enabled experiences with their personal understanding of "love".

Such things are hardly unconventional, though---relationships and emotions maintained, for varying periods, from a distance date back as far as institutions like war, migratory tribes, and human language itself.  For many peoples in a lot of time periods, indefinitely sustained proximity was a luxury rather than a default.

Finding love online can be great, and does not at all require that your relationship be confined to distanced or internet-related interactions.
1.       First time Confession of love is easier over the internet than in real. You just write down your feelings. No eye contact, no anxiety and etc.
2.       If you are naive then opposite side can tell lies very easily over the internet.
3.       You rely him/her. And you adorn him/her with your dreams and hopes.
4.       Over the internet love is more boring. Can not touch him/her, you don`t walk with him/her hand in hand. In a conclusion love demands to be real.
No. I liked some of them a lot prior to meeting - yes.

I don't know how it could be possible for me to love someone I haven't met in person.  I don't know them well enough to love them regardless of how much we communicate online.  I do feel strongly drawn to them because of how they project themselves and how I fill the holes with rainbow dust.  But I don't think that strong feeling of attraction is love.

Yes. May be You can try.

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