Have you ever fallen in love with someone you initially found unattractive?

Yes. I was crazy about a guy - let's name him Boyfriend 1. He liked me back, but I wanted commitment and marriage but he didn't seem to want to take it further. All the while there was a second guy in the fringes - let's call him Boyfriend 2 who was nice enough but didn't really excite me or fill my thoughts. He was a good shoulder to cry on though. Boyfriend 1 and I finally broke up and Boyfriend 2 was there to clean up the mess and hold me together. Eventually I started noticing what an amazing human being he was. Thoughtful, responsible, caring towards friends and family, clear about his goals and what he wanted from life, mature beyond his age and confident about himself. All in all, GREAT husband material! He had strength of character that was sadly lacking in Boyfriend 1 who was quite shallow, put himself first before anyone else and generally arranged things to his convenience. I realised then that a boyfriend who is exciting and attractive does not necessarily make a good husband. I thank God for making me see sense before it was too late.

Boyfriend 2 and I have been married 14 years now and we have two beautiful girls. He is an amazing husband and an even more responsible and dutiful father. He puts mine and the children's comfort before everything else. We have a solid partnership and love and respect each other deeply.

So to answer your question - yes, it is indeed possible to fall in love with someone you initially did not find attractive. :-)

Anon because his gf follows me on Quora. I'll call him GC. Now, this guy is tall, probably 5′11, dark skinned with scars on his face and long hair. You could clearly see that he is not neat. He did not even know how to dress up properly. Me on the other hand, too conscious about being clean and wearing neat clothes and bathing everyday//which he probably did not. We met on our school orientation. It was so akward. The teacher told us all new students to make new friends. He came to my place to introduce himself and shake hands. I FUCKING FROZE WHILE SHAKING HANDS WITH HIM AND WAS STARING WITH MY EYES AND MOUTH WIDE OPED AND I DID NOT LET GO OF HIS HANDS. This was not a movie like love at first sight. I felt like ‘Wtf was that' after I let go of his hand. He being a jerk, started laughing. It was total facepalm moment. So cringy... From then, I just hated him. But, 29 days in highschool and everyone started calling me by his name and damn! It escalated quickly. That pushed me towards him. I had so big crush on him after 6 months. I can't even express the feeling. It felt so nice just to see him. So, after all that we used to talk all night. He was not exactly nice and friendly but, I did not even care. Everyone knew about us. Everyone was happy for me. They shipped us :') Because, I really loved him. Heard he was ‘in love' with me too. It felt nice. We were almost in a relationship but, something happend. I had a friend 'N'. So, she did not like GC at first. She used to tell me things like ‘yeh..you must be blind to fall for him' and things like that but, she proposed him. Saying all sorts of cheesy things like ‘We are soulmates' etc. I don't even like to think about that sad time. And, he said yes. Worst part was, he lied to me. The girl told me that they were in a relationship. He faked everything for 2 months, pretending he cared about me. I was crying my eyes out. I was talking to him about it. I was asking him why did he lie? All this time? His eyes were full of tears. He told me that he wanted to tell me but couldn't and did not want to lose me because I was so amazing and *more cheesy things* . Lose me biach? You already did. He wanted me to forgive him. I did. He wanted us being same old friends. But did not talk with him. The girl used to pull him and kiss him in front of me. He used to stare at me with guilt. My friends told me they saw screenshots of their conversation on the girl's phone. He wanted to break up with her so many times but, she kept crying and saying cheesy things and keeping his mind busy. I still have like 5% feelings for him. I still care. But, when I do remember him, it's all good memories, not those sad ones. They are still together. I see them walking together. (The girl and I live nearby) This is their 3rd year together. Well, I wish them good luck. That's it. As for me, I don't think I'll love someone same way ever again. It's not all tears and things like that. Sometimes it hurts. Just sometimes. So, I keep myself occupied and read books. All is well.

The love that you can't have, lasts the longest and hurts the most.

"A person who is in love can see no faults or imperfections in the person who is love"

Yes! It was 8 years back. I was walking with a friend of mine to tuition around 7 in the morning when all of a sudden a girl stopped by on her "Honda Activa" & asked her if she wanted to come along.
(Well this is the girl I fell in love with later on)

My first impression: Not attractive. Hardly 5/10. She had a very creepy voice. As she didn't even say Hi to me, I thought she was pretty rude and egoistic.

Second Impression: So I reached the tuition & after some time the lecturer asked a very basic question and some girl sitting in the first row gave a very dumb answer (I don't remember the question though and I know it was quite dumb of me to judge somebody on the basis of a stupid answer). The girl who gave the answer was the same girl whom I just met 15 minutes back (The one with the "Activa"). I was like: "Dude! Seriously!! If you can't even answer that you shouldn't probably be here"

Next few Impression: Tuition went on for 6 more months and I became the top performer of the class and got a bit egoistic myself. Guess who was the bottom one on the performance list: Same girl (The one with the Activa)

2 Years later

I have already added all the people from that tuition as a friend on social networking site: Facebook. Now one day I was sitting idle and had nothing to do and nobody to talk to and was randomly visiting people's profiles on fb (as most of you would have done) when I accidentally clicked on the name of that girl from the list of online people and I thought "why not? lets just chat with some random person for some time"

The moment I started typing I realise that that girl also started typing something from this icon:

Yes. Definitely.

I met this guy, let's call hin Vincent, while I was in my Spanish class. He was a bit late so istead of sittting at his normal sit, he went right behind me. He had also forgotten his book, so I shared with him. We chatted for a bit and he was definitely flirting with me, but I didn't give much attention.

Months later, I made a group trip abroad and he was there too. I made a lot of friends at that trip and at that time I was into this friend of mine (let's call him Phil). But Vince and I became friends there.

When we got back from the trip I had a new group of friends that included both Phil (very attractive guy) and Vince (not so much).

Vince and I started talking more and more and our talks were deep and interesting. He told me once about how beauty was so important for our society and related the whole idea with Dorian Gray, character from his favorite book. He noticed I had a thing for Phil even though nobody else did (not even my brother, that was Phil's friend).

I went through some problems and the first person a seeked for help was Vince. I knew he had similar problems, and I thought he could help (and he did).

I stopped liking Phil (it was a very shallow thing). And now I find myself wanting to know more about Vince, that for me is such a mistery. I think of him quite often, and when I do I feel my heart pounding way faster than it should. I find myself craving for his attention and I really don't know what to do because I actually have never felt this way before.

Yes. When I first saw him i did not find any reason to look back . I was upset a little because he was the one with whom I was supposed to spend rest of my life . He was not as per my choice. I was thinking i never gave importance to look, not in a single case, but still this is happening to me . How I will look him again if he is not at all attractive to me . No one was giving much importance to my thought coz he was perfect according to everyone, didn't know why ! I was really really upset , fighting in my mind . When days passed, I decided to take final decision. What really matters to me? What I want and I got my answer. It's k. I will go further with this person . Even later I told him that he was not attractive to me. I was honest to him. But later I started liking his personality and him . We soon became good friends where we can talk anything without any hesitation . I think which is very important for any relation. Now the same person is beautiful (handsome) for me .:-D . And I believe inner beauty is more important than outer layer beauty. If you love other person inner beauty than your love never fade away and this is called true love than initial attraction. He sometime goes upset by saying I don't find him attractive and this whole scenario looks so cute including him and I start laughing and that teases him more :-D

Thanks for asking this question.

Yes, definitely.

When I entered High School I quickly made a lot of friends and also several girl-friends. I started hanging out with several of them which led to all kinds of teenage experiments. About halfway through my first High School semester we received a new classmate, she was transferring from a different school to ours. As she walked into class and was introduced by our teacher, I distinctly remember telling my best friend that I would never have anything with her, that I find her absolutely unattractive. Two months later she wrote me a message and we started chatting. I was pretty much used to chatting with several girls so I didn't really make anything out of it. The more we chatted the more I realised how different she was from other girls. She made me laugh and didn't hit on me straight away which I thought was nice. We went out a few times before she told me she really likes me and I myself got into a state where I knew she is something more than just a friend. I still couldn't believe it because I never found here attractive, she was way shorter than me, a little fat and it all didn't make sense, I never imagined my first love would look like this. Plus the pressure from friends who just didn't understand my passion for this girl.

Eventually we ended up dating. I fell in love with her like crazy. She was the first true love of my life. We were together for almost six years.

Never underestimated the power of love even if it comes in ways you would never expect.

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