Have you ever fallen in love with your relative?

Going annonymous.

I live in South India where it is completely normal to get married to your relative. Especially your maternal uncle.

My mom has a second cousin who moved in with us for a while. He was really nice to me. One thing led to another and we ended up in a relationship.

I wasn't serious back then. But we've been dating from a long time now. So now I know I'll be spending my life with him.

It sounds awkward that I'm with someone who shares the same family as mine. But I couldn't care less.

They say children born to people who get married within relatives aren't healthy. If it's so I would be glad to adopt a child and give it a bright future.

So, yes I'm in love with a relative and I'm pretty sure we'll end up together for live!

Luckily enough for me, it's an acceptable cultural norm here. Yay!

I had to go anonymous.... U know why... Yes i had fallen for my uncle...... Yes u heard it right..... He is 12 years older than me.... He doesn't even know about it...... I had to hide this feeling inside me.... But he is the most handsome man any girl would desire.... But u know i had to keep this feeling inside my otherwise i will be ashamed of myself...... But every time i look at him the world stops for me.......

Why god... Why??? Why it happens with me all time.... That if i love someone it turns out to be my relative.....

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