Have you ever fell in love with someones personality?

Yes I have been with someone who physically wasnt "normal". He was obese. Extremely overweight. Yet his personality shines through all the blubber lol. I didnt see the fat when I looked at him. Instead i saw a strong man who could lift such heavy things. And that turned me on. We were a couple for a little while. He gave me the most precious gift I could ever have- a gorgeous baby girl. Ian thankful that we have a mutual agreement about his involvement with her, since I am with someone else who she calls her daddy, and who she knows as her daddy is the man I'm with now. Anyways, looks don't matter, they gonna fade away soon!

Where is the best value place to live in America?

Great question. It depends. Ultimately, you have to pick what you are looking for, I'll give you a rundown on what I think depending on taste.  Note, I'm answering this question based on the premise: VALUEBig City:  That's easy..the best value incorporating city life, things to do...and interesting trendy stuff is Dallas, Texas..  There is something for

What is the largest great white shark ever caught?

The two largest great whites ever caught were 36 and 37 feet long, and they were both featured in the Guinness Book of World Records.They were both caught in Australia.

What dentist should I visit in Mexico?

We have in Mexico extremely good dentists. Many of them got their degree in the top dental schools around the world. The one that is right for you depends on several factors:What kind of service do you need? Is it a simple check up and cleaning? You need a root canal? Maybe an