Have you ever felt like God is picking on you?

I used to think that all the ridiculous and unfair things that happen to me, are caused by God, who is enjoying the chaos he is creating. Or that he is punishing me for the sins my ancestors made. But now, I don't really believe in God anymore.

I think we are a really really small part of something huge that is always moving and transforming and our actions have such a minor influence to everything around us. We are just a part of a process we can't quite understand, the things that happen to us are just some side effects of all that energy and mass in movement. We are a small dot in the history of time and space, we will be here for such a brief period of time. Why waste it to try to understand " Why is this happening to me?". Just enjoy anything you can, don't search for a meaning in everything and you can live quite a happy life.

Yes. I've played a lot of games where a developer or a ‘game master' could reasonably be blamed for my suffering, and likely a few where they indeed had this deliberate intent. So, it's easy to reflexively make comparisons between these situations and those that arise in the real world.

I've felt this way less often after coming to realize how extremely implausible it is that something designed the world to be the way it is, or that even if they did, individual humans had any significant influence on the overall design.

The world appears to be very consistent, with little room for divine intervention. But there are ways to develop the opposite impression, so it seems only natural to wonder, sometimes.

I never felt that God is picking on me. No one will feel that until you are knowledgeable about how this nature works. I'm sure most of us know what karma is but we tend to use it as a trend these days. There's a lot more to it. There are certain rules of nature every human must follow..god doesn't pick on me but I know when I go wrong somewhere I'm always ready to face the worse. I never complain or never say God is picking on me. What one goes through in this life is only for what he's been doing.. And if your life's not going great and u are suffering think about it??? Actually u need to go back to the books and research about it. Then will you understand the reality.

Read Jeremiah CH 23. God does NOT place "burdens" on you....nor does he "pick" on you! God loves you! Read Job CH 2 to see where Satan kills all ten of Job's children. Finally, read your bible to know the difference! For more biblical teaching see www.shepherdschapel.com Good day!

Sometimes, yes, until I remember that I'm agnostic and for all I know God might be some pothead writing a scifi-fantasy novel revolving around the whimsical adventures of the Kardashians or something.

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