Have you ever felt so burned out from work that you considered quitting your job?

yes i did get burned out and there were always vultures waiting in the back ground to tear me apart. there were many times i had to work at un-natural hours with little sleep and another 12-16 hours to go.  i would get in the vehicle and start crying, asking myself what the hell am i doing here.....then the calm came....everything i did was for my daughter. i wanted to provide her with a good life.  i never had a childhood.  so for her it meant a lot to me to provide everything i possibly could.  every spare moment  was with her and when i was at work it was for her.  she graduated from university with 2 degrees both with distinction and she has never wanted for anything.  i have recently retired after 25 years in the service. a little busted up but well enough to go back to school again.  there is a saying......Courage is does not always roar as a lion....but is the little voice saying, i'll try again tomorrow.  never give up.  fight with everything you have,  find happiness in the smallest of things, be kind and gentle with all beings and especially yourself...you are worth it and you are loved
Should I take supplements for muscle gain?

You  should concentrate on eating correctly and training properly with good  form as they are the foundations of any mass you will gain. As far as  supplements, I would stick to a whey shake post workout, that's it. Whey aids 

I'm 12 years old, 5'3 and 171 pounds. Am I overweight? (Be honest)

You cannot get a totally correct answer just by factoring in height and weight. That is where all those tables and charts get their info.Body Mass Index, or BMI, is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to adult men and women. It is a mathematical formula

How to easily motivate yourself to work out

Hey man, if you have a clear reason and vision for why you want to work out, then the word easy will be irrelevant. With the