Have you ever felt unsafe while you were traveling in Japan?

No, but I'm a 6'4" (193cm) man. I don't think females would share the same views as me.

My female coworkers have been groped, stalked, and had thieves steal from them. They don't report the groping and grabbing because the police really won't do anything about it, and it happens so often that it's not seen as a big deal. The stalking and attempts to lure the women into going places are seen as creepy by the women, but mostly accepted because "those things just happen". The theft happens because they are seen as easy targets who are carrying a valuable Gucci bag.

I feel safe here and children seem safe walking by themselves in the daytime, but I would flee this country if I had to put up with what the women do.

Not really. I felt uncomfortable at the airport security control in Kansai Airport, Osaka, because the officers were rude and invasive, but, once that was over, I had no situations whatsoever that made me feel unsafe (the cities I visited were Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo, Hakone and Odawara). Safety in Japan crosses several key aspects: I felt safe walking alone at night, buying food anywhere (products in Japan are top quality, especially food) as well as buying other things (unlike most other Asian countries, Japanese shopkeepers do not have dual pricing for locals and foreigners - all prices are clearly displayed).

Japanese people are really kind, polite and helpful, and I would always recommend visiting this country. I have been to Japan twice and had a great time. I am aware that living in Japan is very stressful, but visiting is truly worth it - in spite of the security officers in Kansai Airport:-)

Just once while we were sitting in a coffee shop and a stranger appeared out of nowhere and was standing behind my partner and making faces to us. That scared the hell out of me. But thats just one of the cases.

Rest we really felt safe and enjoyed our stay there. Do visit Japan.. its one of the beautiful places to visit.


In Japan???

When I was living Japan, I felt safer living and travelling there than in Hong Kong (where I am today).

And Hong Kong is one helluva safe place already.

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