Have you ever felt you mastered something?

I felt I've mastered writing poems that does not apply to any of the rules I never research. :P As well as not sharing them, just because...

Today you're lucky. I'm sharing one I've done a few more edits on. I hope it meant something or I just succeeded by sharing the century's poem of mystery. Please don't laugh, but suggest edits. :)

On a night as portrayed, after much scrolling on the www I felt like I have to write something. It's always soothing. Writing that is.

3 am Coffee

I woke with a start, body empty and cold

from slumber depths I transpired

by a chill in the breeze blown over in a gust

Tis a message from thundering clouds

Awaken, rain's coming

I got up but lingered

Held prisoner by the deceiving hammock

not a chirping, a crowing or a movement of any soul

I found myself up again at the lonely hour

feet on the ground, but it's only 3 o'clock

little leaves dry and light

fallen away from its mother tree

Stopped and scurried past my feet

tumbling and free

what good is a free leaf

but sustenance to well being and growth

all of which has none for it therein

it'll soon be soil if not burned up in flames

blown and tossed as signs of life receded from sight

that's all there is to it at this point

as written in the law of nature

and as the story of life

there's never been any other way

Hold tight, the emptiness echoed

beckoning awareness to its presence...

or absence

either would tell the same tale

There it is or there it is not

But one thing for sure

It still is

as raw and threatening

as it was from day one

I'll not be friends

with this emptiness no matter

It'll linger as always

and sing laments of sorrow

it'll chant to helplessness

my pain, the life of its words

Silence is deafening

Thus it's 3 am o'clock

Sleep's nowhere to be found

yet day is just a break away

Made coffee and warmed my face

by a comforting cup of steam held in place

for a sip that did not occur

eyes now wet and sore

throat dry and obstructed

i stared blankly at trendy drama

splayed for all to see on pages of the face

seen only on screen and not elsewhere

enabling the portrayal of falsehood

and the demise of forever brother hood

for what was once and should've been only matters of the heart

has become entertainment as of late

and the laughingstock of the century

I mourn the loss of true happiness and privacy

wisdom, integrity, innocence, depths and genuine heartfelt emotions

all up in flames just like that

Cup's now empty and cold

Coffee's wearing off

I should sleep, sleep I should

or should I now? I thought

Seeing the light of dawn creeping up from east,

Just a few winks oughta make a difference

or not,

but before I do just that

I'm blowing a kiss

to you,

Penny my love

I hope you're smiling in your sleep <3

ps: I've inserted breaks, but they're not showing after I hit submit. Sorry for the painful read. :(

Its an continual process whereby with our evolving consciousness's meritoriousness, we can muster the sum of our thinking in a more well defined manner.

Meaning that even if we consider having mastered something, there will always be that penchant yearning to further expand the scope of our aspirations competencies.

That's how its been orientated that we have well enshrined within us that deep desire/yearning to be able to consistently fulfill instead of merely filling.

This fulfillment is what will essentially provide us ever greater satisfaction for it will keep on making us realize precisely the essence of the unique dimensionalities that remain to be further ever ingeniously explored.

When I was seven, I taught myself to type fairly quickly because I hated not being the best by a mile at the typing course in school. I was moderately confident I was the best typist in the world for nearly a decade-I didn't really talk about it, y'know, just carried a secret sense of exceptional skill.

At best, I'm slightly above average at typing. I have a nefarious and subtle superiority complex, and I live in constant concern that I've failed to tag a delusion before I interact with someone.

Balancing that worry with a healthy amount of self-esteem is...a puzzle.

Hopefully I master the middle ground at some point.

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