Have you ever felt your dog's presence after it died?

Yes, I always feel her presence. (Long answer, please ignore if you don't have time)

She was sweet and caring. She was a great companion at my home after marriage when I moved here in 2015.

Initially, she was neutral towards me. Soon she became a great companion to me. I used to bath her. She loved my pampering. She always wished me good night by rubbing her nose against my toes.

She used to receive me with happy face and a lot of wagging when I came after a vacation at my mom's place. She loved when I rubbed her belly. She loved eating watermelon and sugarcane.

She was 15 years old when I came to Madurai. She used to protect me from a crow sitting at a good distance from me. She used to bark vigorously if someone opens our gate when I was alone.

She was my walking partner in evening. She used to play run and catch with me. She used to wait eagerly for me to wish her good morning everyday.

Around April 2016, she started to have a small bulging around the stomach area. She used to keep on licking and cleaning it. We thought it was due to some digestion problem. We ignored it for a month (I regret it for a lifetime).

Soon, it became bigger in size. We called for a veterinary doctor. She informed that Tommy had uterus tumor. The tumor was in an advanced stage. Considering her age, the doctor advised us not to operate as the chances of survival are minimum.

That was one of the devastating news of my life. We hoped for the best. I gave her medicines regularly. She was recovering to some extent.

Soon, we had a marriage function in Chennai. We left for two days. The loneliness affected her severely. Her health detoriated.

For the last one week of her life, she was not able to walk. I carried her in my arms. She was given trips all day. She passed stool almost everywhere.

I cleaned her fragile body frequently. My husband was always supportive and understanding. For the last two days, she stopped eating solids. I used to make her drink some water every three hours.

On 20th September 2016, she made few breaths. She was too weak. At afternoon, when I patted her and said that she was going to recover she cried. The first time I saw her crying. That evening she was breathing heavily.

Soon the veterinary doctor came home and informed my husband that it is difficult for Tommy to stay alive beyond that night. (Both of them didn't inform me about this as I was pregnant and revealing will make me very sad)

I sensed something was wrong and kept checking on her every fifteen minutes to ensure she was fine. I was hoping till the last minute that Tommy might get up and run towards me with her wagging tail.

At 9.00 p.m, when I went to check her she raised her head to see me. I was happy. I went closer. She had already started to breathe scarcely. I took her in my lap. She had been waiting for us to bid her a forever farewell.

Ten minutes later she breathed her last. She passed away peacefully. I am still not able to accept this sad truth.

That was a sleepless sobbing night.

I always feel her presence

~ whenever I walk in the evening

~ whenever I water the plant that she used to chew regularly.

~ whenever I cross the place where she lay lifeless.

~ whenever I keep aside the chicken bones for her to relinquish.

Her presence is so strong that I never felt her gone.

Here she is.

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