Have you ever found a surprise when doing a home improvement job?

So my first house I bought was a "do me upper"

It needed new kitchen, bathroom etc. Anyway, the kitchen was functional. It had a stainless steel canopy over the cooker. It turned on and the fan made a noise but it didn't extract.

So one particular evening my Mrs was cooking some smelly food. The extractor wasn't doing anything. So I thought budget this. Climbed up and pulled the shroud off above the canopy.

I did take a photo but I can't find it right now. So I was expecting to see some 4″ flexi duct in poor condition.

What I actually did find was a plastic bag. From the spigot on the hood to a crappy bit of flexi duct. Instantly I understand why the canopy had never extracted. Bodge job.

So I thought. That easy to fix. Until my eyes were drawn to where the duct went into the ceiling void.

So the floor joist directly above the canopy had a chunk cut out so that the duct could get into the void above the ceiling line. I think it was an 10″ joist avid maybe had been cut though about 8″ at the highest point of the semi circle cut out of the joist. Fortunately, there wasn't a direct load on that most from above. There's bodge jobs and there is plain stupidity.

Anyway, I was forced to repair this when I had other jobs which were scheduled in.

So I stepped out the old flexi duct. Bought some 6″ solid duct. Ok had to drop the ceiling height to get the duct in below the joists.

To repair the joist was difficult as the damaged joist was 2″ off the wall and the adjacent joist was at 400 centres.

Not a lot of room to get a tool in. Anyway I cut out a piece of timber roughly the same shape as the cut out, the same thickness. I then cut two strips of 1/2″ structural plywood.

I was planning to sandwich the joist with the plywood and bolt through.

I think I put 4no. Bolts holes either side of the cut out. it was a struggle drilling the holes in situ. That was the hardest bit especially when working above a kitchen worktop.

Eventually got all the bolts in and torqued up. Then had to put a new MF plasterboard ceiling to cover the new ductwork.

A right pain in the arse job, as other things were more important.

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