Have you ever found something that changed your life inside a home you just moved in to?

I saw something that didn't change my life, but did give me a new insight. My house was a probate (the previous occupants had died and the family estate was selling the house). When we moved in, the house had been cleared of the possessions of the previous owners, about whom we knew very little, and was pretty much an empty, grimy shell. However, despite the efficiency of the clearance team, we found a calendar from the previous year on the kitchen wall. I took it off the wall to dispose of it and casually flicked through the pages. I noticed a single entry on one day in May, written in small handwriting in blue ballpoint ink. It said simply ‘Mary hospital.' I flicked through the rest of the calendar and I found another entry in August. It said ‘Mary finito.' That was the last entry in the calendar. We later found out the names of the occupants, Mary and Dom, and that they had died within months of each other in that year. Within those four words an entire, poignant story had been told.

An old worn out bible that someone misplaced.

No, I never found something to change my life. But, my good friend at work gave me a wind chime and sadly she psssed away. I still miss her.

I wouldn't go as far as saying it changed my life, though in a practical way, it did. You can be the judge of that. :)

Julie Swiss's answer to What's the creepiest thing you found out about your house before or after you purchased it?

What was the rudest customer you've ever served like?

While working in a dining hall, our manager decided to offer a special dessert of cheesecake with some fake cherry sauce alongside. However, they advertised the special dessert but forgot to thaw enough of them in advance. Those of us serving slices had to try to serve the slices we thought

How to safely visit Ukraine with the current crisis with Russia

Lets be absolutely, 100% clear about this .. Nowhere WILL be safe in Ukraine .. This so called "frozen war" is simply "war by numbers".I can understand purely academically, how after Crimea, etc, was made part of Ukraine (Makes sense Geographically,  as its in the southern half of

Should I go to Thailand or Vietnam?

I spent six weeks in Vietnam in many of the most traveled cities and villages. I also spent three months in Thailand, including Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket. Based on your love of food I would take Vietnam off the table.I've never been more dependent on fruit,