Have you ever given away something you now wish you had kept?


Five years ago, when I was in 5th grade, there was this new phenomena that spread throughout my school. They were these fancy mechanical pencils named Unigel. They had a super squishy grip, which made them really comfortable to hold. They looked like this:

I threw away a large perfectly oval stone that I had found at the reservoir during a walk around the lake with a boyfriend I had from high school. The stone was kind of heavy and had interesting colors stealing around it. It was a mostly smooth stone. I had it for 35–40 years.

I decided to through it down the hill into the woods where I figured if I really wanted to find it again I could. I was wrong about that. I have tried looking for it. It's nowhere to be found.

I threw it away because it every time I saw it it reminded me of my old boyfriend and of another later boyfriend who liked the rock and once almost used it to fight another guy with. I can still picture him with the stone in his hand and then putting the stone in a shirt like he was going to use it as a weapon.

Every time I saw the stone I not only saw how beautiful it was I was reminded of my old boyfriend who I still lived deep down inside and missed, too, sometimes.

I could not help but think of both ex boyfriends whenever I saw the stone so I threw it away thinking I could dispense with the memories, too.

I wish I had the large smooth oval stone now because it was so unusual and beautiful plus throwing it away did not help me get rid of the memories, in fact it seemed to have made the memories stronger and more vivid.

Thanks Rick for a2a. Personally I did not throw away things. My wife, due to my slackness, disposed off a voluminous dictionary from English to Urdu that I used to refer to quite often. I had not placed it close to me because it was thick and heavy and was kept in store.

I used to go upstairs, consult it and come down. I INTENDED TO DROP A FEW CALORIES IN THE PROCESS.

One sad day, when I went upstairs to check a meaning, it was not there. She had thrown it away and was taken by someone. I wish them good luck with that! So, it is not an exact answer, but it is an interesting reading.

I gave away my time to people who didn't deserve it.

I gave away gifts to people who are no longer in my life.

I gave my kindness to people who didn't deserve respect.

I gave away my sanity to a society that has high expectations.

I gave away my health, to attain more money.

I gave away my self-worth and let it be taken advantage of.

I gave away many things, but here I am, still standing.

Let bygones, be bygones.

Most definitely. I am still kicking myself today for my generosity some 50 years ago. I gave away to my cousin my treasured stamp collection. I had three books full of stamps from across the globe which I was collecting from 10 years old. My mum used to buy me the stamps - about 10 per envelope from the local stationers. I was such an avid collector and it was a very big hobby for me which I continued for a good few years. Suddenly it would seem that I had outgrown the hobby and the stamp books lay neglected in the lower drawer of my bedside cabinet. I guess when talking to my cousin one day, (I was around 20 at the time), this was brought up in conversation. He expressed an interest and I was in the charitable mood to donate all 3 books to him.

I cannot remember if it was at the same time, or a couple of years later but to the same cousin I donated my record player complete with 78rpm vinyl record collection that included Elvis, Cliff, The Platters, the Righteous brothers and the Everly brothers, Pat Boone, Connie Francis, Petula Clarke and many others.

What on earth possessed me I now wonder. These records were patiently collected once a week by my mother and I going half each on the cost (they were 7/6p as I remember) and I strolling down to Ridley Road, a famous market in the East End of London and purchasing the vinyl. WE took it in turns to choose the record each week, but luckily my mum was a very ‘cool' lady and had really good taste.

When I gave the records away they were past their sell by date as far as playability was concerned. 45r.p.m's came out as did 33 r.p.m. Long Play records, so I guess the records in question lay dormant and I was now earning quite a good salary and could afford a hi-fi unit so did not need the player.

Little did I know that now they are collectors items. There is an old adage which says ‘be careful what you wish for'. I would add on to that ‘be really careful what you give away!'

All things I give away, I forget about them. But there is one thing this question reminded me of. There was a dress I liked and it was to be given away, I thought of keeping a piece of it as a memory, but it was given away before I did it. It was also my fault that I was lazy and kept procrastinating and then lost it.

If aliens landed on earth what would they look like most likely?

Excuse me, but - Why  phrase this as an IF question?   There is no "if" about this topic - they have absolutely landed and interacted with our ancestors, on many occasions, and some of them still live among us.  How they do this is interesting, and I was just concluding this chapter in

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Thanks for the A2A and sorry for the wait!It depends on how you feel about the UN in general, I would think. I personally think UN peacekeepers are necessary, if not woefully under-appreciated.UN peacekeepers have done some great work. Easing conflicts and