Have you ever gone through a radical life change?

A couple of years ago I pared down my belongings and put almost all my things into a 10x10 storage space so I could return to a previous employer in another state. I'm saving my money to travel and volunteer, so instead of renting an apartment I move from place to place house/pet/yard-sitting. In between those "sits" I have the good fortune to be able to stay with friends who have an extra bedroom, and I contribute toward their costs.

I haven't yet been able to make the truly radical change of simply giving away the things in storage, but I recognize that as a next logical step.

Does moving from Ivory Coast to the US at age 15 count?

Does going to med school count?

Does going from Muslim to Christian to deist to agnostic to atheist count?

If not, then I'm afraid I've got nothing.

Yes. My conversion to Islam and then to the Shi'a school of thought has involved changing a great deal. Generally I am very happy with it. Even if I wasn't, one can't unlearn a truth. Sometimes the truth is a burden, but what is known is known.

How is India depicted in hollywood movies?

Dusty, hot, dry country, with random cows and snakes, where all Indians are basically dressed the same!Brown and gold mostly, never lush green, fertile, or cold!Whenever we cheer though, in large groups, we put both hands in the air, like you never see anywhere in real India.Indians are always quirky and inherently sweet, not threatening, and geeky.All of

What do you wish you were doing right now?

As I sit at work, behind my desk attempting to finish all my work today so I don't come in tomorrow (Sat) because my boss is coming back from vacation on monday...I wish I was visiting my sister. You see, my sister lives in what I consider to be paradise. She basically owns

Has anyone sighted a UFO? People don't believe me but I have seen seen it twice.

There should be no social stigma associated with sighting a UFO. They could very well be human technologies now in 2017. Yes, I have seen numerous UFOs. I hve also heard reports from friends who are very mainstream. My first was seen in end of 2012. It changed my life