Have you ever gone to sleep too late?

Back when I was still in Secondary school through to University I used to go on without sleep for 2–3 days: do all nighters or just stay up all night for no good reason; sometimes I would stay up until 4am and sleep until 1pm etc. My circadian biological clock was messed up. I may have been depressed. I felt low on energy during the day and energetic during the night, my health, memory and attention span were extremely poor. I knew that I had to change but at the time I felt that it was too difficult to normalise my abnormal sleeping pattern.

I studied Biomedical Science. One part of a module which I adored was about the physiology of circadian entrainment, the positive link between a normal 12hr light: 12hr dark oscillation and life expectancy/health. One study was about how hamsters exposed to irregular light: dark patterns had their life span cut in half and many developed illnesses. Another example talked about how doctors and nurses (or any other shift work cases) are at a greater risk of developing cancer, because despite having light in the building, it is not enough to activate the "it's day time!" detectors in our eyes (luminosity at the sunlight level is required). [Have a short read: Light effects on circadian rhythm - Wikipedia]

Luckily, after I moved away and started work, I was determined to change my lifestyle for the better. My inner flame reignited. Currently I go to bed at 12am and wake up at 8am. Sounds much healthier than before! Unfortunately, I am one of the minority who needs 10 hours of sleep to function optimally haha! Plus I work in a lab... Sunlight? So close yet so far. Improvement is an ongoing process. I definitely feel more energised and much more alert than before though!

Once upon a time it was 10:15 PM and I started reading a fanfiction.

It was a damn good fanfiction. I really didn't want to stop reading it. I was on my phone, so I didn't need a light on or anything. I was sitting-well, kind of leaning-on my bed with my back to the clock.

Eventually I cramped up and had to get up and stretch. It was 2 AM. "I'll stop pretty soon. At least we have tomorrow off."

Spoiler: I didn't stop.

Now, I can't really remember what time of year this was, but I feel like it was fall or winter. But that seems deeply questionable to me, because when you get to the point in fall when you're getting days off because of holidays, the sun isn't rising until about 7 AM, and I distinctly remember the sinking feeling as I realized the room was getting significantly lighter. And I can't possibly have stayed up that late.

My sleep schedule was nonexistent for about a week after that.

And that's not even going into the time I decided to finally get into Hamilton on a school night and wound up so tired the next morning that I had to call in sick, or the time I was very young and reading Harry Potter (book 2) by the light of the street lamp, and ended up dropping the book out the window and my mom had to go out and get it wearing my sandals...

It is reccomded not to sleep too late because it can affect your sleeping clock.

So when you want to sleep at 9:00pm because you have an exam the morning but for the past month or so you have been staying up on your phone all night till 5:00am. You will feel extra tired on the morning because you couldn't fall asleep till 5:00am.

Your body will reconignize this as your "sleeping time" hence your sleeping clock, so your body will stay wide awake(unless you have been doing a heavy or hard working activity that makes you automatically tired afterwards) until your sleeping time as in example 5:00am or some where around that time.

So of course everyone has dealt with this problem of addiction to your phone or your device or even just simple activity or work. That will result you in a late night sleeping scheldule.

I have too.

Currently, actually, as I type this it is 3:30am. While I have to wake up at 9:30am.

During my high school years, I slept on average about 3 hours per night because I would complete my homework, sleep from around 11pm-2am and then wake up to study for 5 hours, sometimes for an exam and if not then just for the sake of doing it. I had/have major anxiety when it comes to grades and school, so that was a coping mechanism. I still had energy in school, surprisingly, because competition and intellectual achievement drove me, but my depression worsened outside of doing schoolwork. So yes, I did sleep too late then and have way too much sleep debt to pay back.

However, the longest I've ever voluntarily stayed up was a day during the summer of 2014. It was a weekday in July, so no school, and I didn't have summer AP homework then. I was awake for 36 hours (or 38, not sure), and it's my record. I don't intend to ever stay up all night again, but hey, at that time, I finally fell asleep in the afternoon, so I guess you can say I was late to sleep for the nights before, but early to sleep for that day.

Yes I have. At some point in life we would all find ourselves going to sleep a lil bit late. To be honest, the reasons are not far fetched. The world is rapidly evolving and this entails we humans putting our minds down to one activity or the other. It so happens that different strokes for different folkes. Sometimes we are stuck head over heel for that amazing partner. Other times we try to meet up with deadlines at work. The list could go on and on.

PS: Regardless of whatever factor that impedes your goodnight rest please and please, always remember to eat healthy and take short naps during the day. Sleeping might make you assume you are one super natural heroe of some sort. The truth is, sleeping late would eventually have a deteriorating effect on your mental, physical and social well being in the long run. Be Guided *Cheers*

I have. I have done it more than I can estimate. It has pros and cons:

At night, when everybody is sleeping, you get the isolation and solace you seek for during the day. You can contemplate without any disturbance. You can focus on your work, your thoughts, and/or whatever that needs total solitude.

It is addictive. If you find yourself enjoying your solitude you will end up staying up all night. This has adverse effects in your daily life like sleep deprivation.

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