Have you ever had a boss who made you cry?

Well I wouldn't consider them a "boss" but i was hired to help this old lady. She was on the verge of dying and was in a wheel chair. Very mean and bitter old woman. I would try and help her clean and do anything she told me. But she was always angry with me, i didnt understand i wasnt suppose to put things were they belong because how will she reach? Everything i did was wrong in her eyes. Whether it was washing a dish or throwing away a bottle, i was always getting yelled at by this women for something. She even told me something like "your not that pretty, but ypur not that ugly" like wtf? Till finally one day i had enough of it. She yelled at me for something so little and i started to cry. I didnt leave that day, instead i sucked it up but i did leave the next day. I just couldnt take it anymore. I called the people who hired me and told them i just couldnt do it anymore. Theh were kind and understood she was a sick angry women

Have you ever seen a soul?

you can not see soul by gross eyes.In Hindu philosophy, Arjun could see it through divine eyes ( दिव्यचक्षु) blessed by lord krishna.Again in Hindu spirituality, Upnishads say, you can not see soul ( यतो वाचो निवतॅन्ते अप्राप्य मनसा सह) because mind and speech can not reach up to him, but you can experience it within yourself because

Could a racist person believe that life began in Africa?

That racist person would need to find the evidence that life originated in Scandinavia if that is what they would like to believe, to be taken seriously.