Have you ever had a boss who took their job way too seriously?

Yes. And the funny thing is he is still a boss although so have since retired for unrelated medical reasons. Please understand that a boss who does not take his job seriously communicates a message to his employees that they don't need to be serious, either. At that point management of the group becomes difficult - even impossible. How do you exert control over events in your department if no one is willing to seriously do their job? Now, please do not miss read my message, I am all for making the job as enjoyable as possible. Wear sandals in the winter if the customer can't see you! But! Give the company the amount of effort that you are getting paid to provide. Horseplay is not accepted. Find that level of relaxed performance that gets the job done as necessary to "float the boat" yet not so bad that the boat sinks. Follow the boss with your eyes and learn from what you see. He might have been the first to show up in sandels. Thanks for asking.

What is the good way to save money without using it?

Set yourself up for success by making it as automated and simple as possible. Start by opening up your savings or investment account somewhere that you aren't currently banking. Set up direct deposits through your bank so that a minimum of 10% of your income goes directly into this new account as soon as your

Which Green Lantern would be most likely to beat Superman in a fight?

While I agree Sodam Yat, I would say most Green Lantern would defeat Superman in a fight. When I say most I mean of over 15000 green Lanterns through out the universe, well over 10,000 could take him down, and every one of them would be equipped to defeat him, whether they do it or not remains to

How can someone with a pear-shaped body lose fat only from the thighs (the only place that stores fat)? What is the best diet or exercise plan for toning legs?

You can thank your parents for your great hair, your perky nose, aspects of your personality, and that wonderful singing voice. You can also thank them for the way your body retains fat.You can target build muscle. You cannot target reduce fat. Your body decided where to put the fat. Your body will also decide where and how