Have you ever had a moment that made you feel time had paused?

This happened with me around a year and half ago..

It was the time of Diwali and so many relatives had come to our house. One day, I went with them to the market to purchase some essential things for the Pooja day.. We had gone in a car and as we were coming back from shopping, something happened with me that would probably remain with me forever!

There is a big landmark in our city. As we were coming back from there, we were to pass this landmark. I was sitting in the back seat of the car and looking outside the window.

As we were turning from that landmark, I saw a person standing in the corner. I clearly remember he was wearing a peach coloured Tshirt and had probably been caught by the traffic police for some offence. He was standing there and someone was standing beside him.

As we were passing from there, my eyes met his.. the eyes that could have melted even the snow, the purest eyes, brimming with innocence.. It was like my eyes glued to his. As the car passed the turning, I couldn't take my eyes off from him. I felt so connected with him for that moment. It was a moment when I found myself out of words. The world seemed to have slowed it's pace.. and if I could've stopped the minutes passing by for sometime, I would've done that.

It was something above materialism. I don't know why but I felt bad for him as he was being charged by the traffic police. And his eyes... they gave me chills!

As I came back home, I just wanted to see him as person. I wanted to know him. I wish seeing him once more. I still remember the moment and that literally made the time pause for me!

So, this was the moment when I felt as if the time had paused for a little and I was there in the moment filling all that glitter of his eyes into mine!♥

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