Have you ever had a moment where you felt as if you cheated fate?

Many times.

Almost 26 years ago we were in Malaysia at Tamar Negara hiking in the rain forest without a guide and we heard a loud "roar". We cheated fate by escaping unscathed. My darn husband told me it was most likely a wild boar and he actually said "Run!" so I ran faster than I ever had in my life. I attributed not being attacked by the wild animal that roared because I had Guardian Angels. I believed in Guardian Angels then. It seemed like so many times in my teens and twenties I had tempted fate and got lucky not to get hurt or worse. I thought it had to be Guardian Angels looking out for me!

Another time we were in Borneo accompanied by a guide to watch bats fly from Gunung Mulu Cave but along the pathway as we walked right above up in the trees was a skinny, not too large as I recall, brilliant green snake with an odd shape face. The guide looked terrified for a moment. I think we all got lucky the snake did not drop down and bite us. Talk about cheating fate?!

Remembering these two incidents makes my heart beat faster. I was terrified both times afterwards.

At the moment cheating fate type things happened I was too always too busy, adrenaline rush time, trying to be safe but afterwards I realized just how dangerous what I went through was and so felt the fright even more intensely later.

Life is filled with these moments, including right here in boringville safe suburbia. Who hasn't ever taken their eyes off the road for a sec then had to quickly correct their driving or hydroplaned driving a bit too fast on a slippery wet rainy roadway? Or done similar on an icy snowy road commuting home from work during some surprise snow storm?

Who hasn't ever encountered an unfriendly dog or other animal or scary person while out jogging or walking? After when you catch your breathe you might breathe a sigh of relief and thank your lucky stars after that nothing worse happened! Or even say to yourself "Did that actually just happen?!"

There are better examples than those, for sure. I had an attic door come down on my head and knock me to the floor when a gust of wind that blew through the house from the front door to the back because it was not latched. I was lucky this did not kill me. I was furious at my husband for not automatically latching it.

Yes, I have felt like I cheated fate but more times I think I feel like I tempted fate. I am grateful to have been so lucky in life thus far.

My husband has been, too. He was standing on a ladder recently cutting a pole branch overhead when the branch broke off suddenly and knocked the pole saw out of his hands onto his face. He was lucky it didn't get his eye. He thought he cut his ear. I was thanking God the blade did not lodge into his head. Immediately I thought "Guardian Angels"!

I forget what else has happened but I know he has cheated fate lots of times.

He doesn't go by gut instincts like I do but he is smart and uses his head and reacts fast to things when they happen, such as nearly avoiding fights, dealing with accidents, and so forth, however, so much of "cheating fate" seems to me a matter of pure luck.

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