What is the nearest death experience you had?

I was walking calmly down the hall at school, took a simple breath in, and suddenly couldn't breath out! I coughed, o. k., then tried to breath in. Nothing. I opened my mouth wide and tried again. Nothing. I tried again, frightened. Nothing. I kept trying, in more and more panic. Nothing. I fell to the floor. Nothing. No air! One of the guys asked me what was wrong. I couldn't speak. I pointed to my throat, but he didn't know what to do. I remember someone else passing by who made a remark about my being drunk early on a weekday evening. (It was about seven p.m.)

I do not remember much after that except that I woke up, still on the ground, and I was breathing again.

The Health Center the next day put me into the hospital and gave me penicillin injections twice a day. Nothing. Anytime, day or night, I would stop breathing. After a week of the injections, they sent me home. My parents took me to the clinic we had used since I was born, The usual physician was on vacation, so an older temporary replacement saw me.

The first thing he did, thank goodness, was to explain what was going on and to assure me that no matter how frightening these episodes were, the worst that could happen was that I would pass out and that the breathing would then return to normal. That knowledge helped calm me down so that I could often stay calm long enough for the breathing to return without having to progress to the stage of being unconscious. He also prescribed an old medication, a licorice tasting syrup. No more injections, no antibiotics, just this odd syrup which seemed to have come out of the Middle Ages!

Within a week, I was back at college.

I am sure that this does not qualify as a near death experience medically, but it certainly seemed like it at the time I was on the floor, away from home, unable to breath!

Oh, sorry, no visions.

In 1986 I ran a Marathon. I got water at every water stop to be safe. About an hour after finishing I realized how cold I was. It had been 50 degrees all day along the North Shore of Lake Superior. At the end of the race there were bananas, water, sodas and oranges. I went into the restroom of the restaurant that was a sponsor, it was on the second floor. As I stood there I knew that I was passing out. When I came to the men were concerned and someone ran downstairs to get the EMS folks up to treat me. They couldn't use a gurney in the stairwell. So one person on each side of me supporting my arms and shoulders. When I was laying on the gurney in the emergency tent, my nephew was standing by my feet. He said my eyes rolled to the back of my head and then both technicians said I have no vital signs. One on the BP cuff and one on the stethoscope.

Now then I was in a really nice area (when I had no vital signs). A nice small river the banks of which were all 4 inch grass without any bugs. It had about 40 feet from each bank to a woods. Then looking in the distance far down river was a huge crystal pyramid.

About that time I felt like I was going to pass out (where ever I was). I did and woke up in the EMS tent.

I had just gone thru an NDE.

I had been noticing that I was short of breath a little more than usual...especially going up and down stairs. I chalked it up to not walking as much lately and the smoke from wildfires.

I decided I needed to go to the hospital after it took me a good 10 minutes to catch my breath after going up the stairs to my apartment - some 13 stairs and taking more than 15 minutes to walk to the top of the local park because I had to stop every couple of steps.

By the time we went to the ER, I couldn't walk anymore. My boyfriend found a wheelchair and wheeled me to the ER. Once there, I was struggling to breathe and I couldn't talk. After a CT scan, the doctor came in and told me I had a blood clot in my lung. While they were preparing to transfer to the ICU, I was told that I didn't have A clot - my lungs were full of clots.

It's generally believed that my body started forming clots after being put on the birth control pill in an attempt to control my migraines. Half of my heart was enlarged from forcing blood into my lungs for so long.

The crazy thing is - I had no other symptoms of blood clots. No sudden swelling (although about 2 years earlier, I had experienced sudden ankle swelling so bad I couldn't walk but no hospital I visited in Colorado would see me and when I came back to California, the ER did an ultrasound on my legs and found nothing). Up until the last week or so, I had no breathing problems. I wasn't coughing up blood or coughing at all. Literally nothing.

I know how lucky I am.

Sadly, I when I was married to the narc that entangled me, when the honeymoon was over and reality clicked for him, he would throw tantrums for no reason at all. I didn't know about narcissism, and thought I had gotten myself into an abusive relationship. Things escalated quickly one evening. We were watching TV and had just served us some ice cream. He took a spoonful, then a second. He put the spoon in his mouth, and took it out, but threw it across the room in a tantrum. This was not the first time he had thrown a tantrum. I told him this wasn't working out, and that I was going to leave. We had an 8 month old baby, and suddenly he pushed me to the bed, easily got on top of me, held me down with his body, and put his hands on my neck. I couldn't breathe, he was chocking me, and was, well gonna kill me. I was so shocked! I loved him! I thought of my child, I just wasn't counting on him letting me go. In my attempts to get his hands off me, I left a couple of scratch marks. My mom who had the baby got close to the room. The door was closed, she knocked, but the room was quiet. This didn't stop him. She knocked again. I couldn't do anything. He had me bonded. With his hands on my neck, and sitting over my body with all of his weight on me. He was almost 6 ft, I was under 5 ft. I was 105 lb, he was 150 lb. I couldn't speak. Mom opened the door, she found him on top of me, but he finally let me go. I got up and he reached for my child and took her from my mom. I was unable to take her from him. This was the man that kidnapped my child when she was 2 and we had already left him after 2 years! I had to fly to Colorado to rescue her. This was a 3 year ordeal. He didn't stop stalking me until my daughter was 16. In those 3 years, he was diagnosed with BDP, and had seizures. He was also diagnosed with Hepatitis C. These men are dangerous, and have nothing to live for. I met him when I was 19 close to 20 years old. He was 28. I had our child when I was 21. His son who was only 21 at the time committed suicide. From what I hear, no one in his family can stand him so they stay away.

As I have written with regards to this issue, I will just disclose it as that one experience everyone talks about. Whether you've had one or not, many are anticipating some form of shift. This can be through the subtlety of growing with age or a dramatic coincidence of a panoramic awareness. We wonder what it is like to transition from being alive here to being dead? It is that shift that eludes common sense and in some form has to be experienced by the removal of individuality. You want to know how it was to have a near death experience? When it happened to me back in 1983 it was as if the Now became the removal of here and there to fill the emptiness of my being into the awareness that I was everything without confinement all in the savor of infinity's endless moment of no time. I was. I was you, I was everything, I was nothing. The space was me and I filled that space. I moved without moving and yet I was everywhere at one instance without being. I became Omni...omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. How was it? I consumed everything, thought, air, space, to a disappear without words. I learned all of life is a choice. Whether it be here or there. In truth it is both. :)

Interesting question that is very hard to answer because one may not be aware in the slightest way that death may be imminent. Let me try to answer honorably.

In over a million miles of motorcycle riding I have had two very serious accidents that could have been near-death experiences. And either could have been much worse- I was, in many ways, in retrospect, lucky.

$1: I was struck by a truck that turned in front of me without signaling as I was accelerating to pass it. Result: fractured skull, left leg shattered (tib and fib), broken arm, miscellaneous other injuries. I remained conscious. A year later, after several major operations and endless rehabilitation, I walked again. I did not sense being near death but the doctors said I was very lucky to survive.

#2: I was following a friend on a bad country road. He saw gravel ahead and slowed. I could not see it ‘past' him and hit him from behind. He was uninjured but I sustained a shattered pelvis, broken ribs and a punctured lung. I was helicoptered to hospital-the danger is internal bleeding if bone shards penetrate arteries. The doctors said I was very lucky to survive. Over a year later I have learned to walk again. Sadly, I totaled my perfect VFR.

0)-Yes, I had it in March 2016 when my heart failed. I felt to have almost passed out. Details below ::

1)-I have nearness with God and hence talked to Him. I asked, "if I have to go now" ? Answer was a question "do you want to go ?" I replied "no". I was told "okay". Conversation ended and the feeling that I have passed out started reversing.

2)-I was in "emergency"of a prestigeous medical institute. I was told later that the emergency doctor, at that moment (I had bid goodby to my wife) gave a new injection and told her that his senior told for it just now.

3)-By the way, just 5 months before this incident, I was rather forced to put certain knowledge in public domain on an urgent basis. I was getting repeated messages for this, probably because I only had it. Generally, I delay action on such messages till I receive such a message 4–5 times, to ascertain if it is my own thinking or God's. If it is God's, almost within a week I get clear message like this -"after all how much time you will take to understant that it is me ?" and then I take it as God's msg. and do the needful.

4)- In this case I got the confirmation and put the knowledge in public domain "in You Tube" through 28 videos, half each in English & Hindi language on matters of God and another 42 short videos in English language on management topics (video details in my profile). I completed these about 3 months before near death experience. Actually I had thought of publishing these matters sometime in future in print. But, it was not possible to do so in a short time as the instruction was to do it urgently. My management manuscript was in India and notes on God experience were also there. Hence, uploading videos on You Tube was a good & quick option.

5)-I have written the above 2 paras (nos. 3 & 4) to tell that what I talked to God in para (1) was because I had an inkling due these paras (3 & 4) that my end is near. Now, I have a new inkling for not having gone to God in March 2016, which I may share somewhere in future.

In the end, I wish to add that I do not consider this incident to be something extraordinary. Many may have similar experiences.

In the early 90s I was flying in an RAF VC10 Air to Air Refuelling aircraft, supporting fast jets enforcing the no fly zone over Iraq, when we were targetted by an Iraqi SAM site. They never fired, but as a REMF that was the closest I got to combat.

Again in the early 90s I was surfing at Newquay in Cornwall when I got sucked under by a wave, I was dragged along the bottom for what seems like an age, but was less than a minute.

The sea released me back to the surface in time for my board to crack me on the side of my head and for another wave to force/suck me under. I continued to be released and dragged back under until it was shallow enough to stand, looking like a half-drowned kitten I went for a pint or seven.

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