Have you ever had a paranormal experience while urban exploring?

Many times, I think since I only go places that I sense have something interesting in that respect. I love the time that I told my boyfriend as we were driving to hold on a stop a moment and look into the woods, I knew something was coming...as we watched, one after the other, 3 golden orbs floated out of the woods and over the hood of my car up next the the windshield where we could see them really well. They were see through, golden, shiney, perfectly round, and they had a almost reflective quality to them. They just disappeared into the other side of the woods.

I was at an abandoned psychiatric hospital and there were these weird tubs with elaborate chain restraints...I could have sworn I heard someone walking on the floor above me, moving the chains, and dragging something. I had already cleared that floor so I was almost positive I was along. Later when I was in the crematorium the door slammed shut despite me deliberately propping it open and I was trapped in that dark space and I kept hearin the chains and the dragging sounds.

Why did the American and French revolutions happen?

Even though there were major differences both started as tax revolts. The American colonists didn't think that the King should be able to impose new taxes without their consent (

Should the Kurdish people have their own country?

I don't think so.Because we want to suppose so, subsequently there should be another world war, since there are many diverse ethnicity/minorities in different countries which should ...!But you can see that there are many countries whose people are from diverse ethnicity but they are living well.Even, e.g., you can

Why can't I find my answer and question about tourist safety in South Africa?

Google crime in South Africa and you get your answer . Generally and it's an accepted fact that South Africa is a no go area . The message is stay away . For your own safety and security . Things are bad and crime is out of control whether you a tourist or a citizen .