Have you ever had a perfectly normal day but just wanted to disappear?

I really don't know what a "perfectly normal day" is.

So, assuming I had one of those, would I want to disappear?

No, not really.

Disappear. Do you mean die? Do you mean to never have existed? Do you mean to exist but be invisible to other people?

Sorry, the idea of disappearing has never been a concept that I have considered.

I am grateful and happy to be alive, and experiencing another day with all of its ups and downs.

What countries does Russia hate?

Let me note this: normal people with the critical thinking mindset don't hate countries, nationalities and so on, because normal people don't get hooked on propaganda.I live in Russia, and my father belongs to the ones, who would most likely believe in any propaganda/stereotype thing, which makes him a real racist sometimes. When I was small, he taught me,

Have you ever been physically attacked by something you couldn't see?

Yes. Yesterday I had a strong burning sensation on my elbow. After sometime something had bitten me and it was completely swollen. I could not see it but it was painful.

What is the biggest "aha" moment you've ever had, which changed the course of your life entirely?

I had just gotten out of a decade plus relationship. It had lasted most of my adult life. From the time I was seventeen to twenty eight.There was rage and apathy in equal measure. I went through the whole gambit of emotions. I was