Have you ever had a platonic romance with a priest?

There is so much more information that would be needed to give you any kind of a satisfactory response to this question. It sounds extremely complicated; however, I will try, with one major caveat: you should seek out a counselor or a therapist that you can share your deepest thoughts and desires.

I think you were young then and could have been excused, but now you are acting quite naive. It's excusable to believe that the priest could have been interested in nothing more than a platonic relationship then, but its simply naive now. I'm not saying it was an impossibility on his part, but just highly unlikely. I believe you did the right thing by walking away and not returning, especially after he began calling you to come and see him. I see red flags here. This behavior on his part was entirely inappropriate and could very well have developed into a most disappointing relationship for you both, and potentially eventuated his being forced to leave the priesthood. In this sad affair, you would have been responsible as much as he, since I assume you were an adult at the time.

As for returning to the priest and seeking his attentions all these years later, you acted most unwisely and no doubt confused the man as to what it is you really do or do not want at this late juncture. I am sure he highly suspects your intentions. And then to be repeatedly given the cold shoulder by him-I certainly believe that to be the "signpost" telling you he has closed that door forever. And you should be thankful for that. Nothing good can come of this, in my opinion, and you would be wise to leave this situation alone. Remember you are a Catholic. This man have given a solemn vow to God to remain chaste, to remain celibate and unpartnered. Do you really want to be the one to come between him and the Lord? Will you be the one to violate the vow of someone who has given himself, mind, body and spirit to the Church, who belongs entirely to God? This is serious spiritual business. You'll find the fulfillment of no happiness opening this door. Please seek counseling to help you heal your broken relationships. These wounds are what are causing you the imbalance you feel in your life right now. Good luck and God bless.

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