What was your most realistic dream ever?

This wasn't quite realistic, but I had a dream about this voice in my head that explained the entire universe to me, and taught me how to go in-between dimensions, but I wanted to learn how to manipulate time, and the voice said:

"You're not ready to learn that; it's too powerful." However, I kept going. The voice then woke me up, and I lay in bed, questioning my existence.

I think I was too ambitious about time travel xD.

Edit: I've decided to add another dream I had. It was a pretty good one. Most schools have athletics day, or sports day, or something of that nature. To get kids outside so they stop socialising with each other through a phone screen. Anyway, it was one of those days.

We (My school and other schools) were at this big stadium that I've never seen before in reality, so my subconscious mind must've taken inspiration from stadiums I've seen and created this highly detailed, hyper realistic building.

There was a ton of seats, sort of like a football stadium, except that in the middle was a much smaller basketball court, and the roof was closed. There were no stairs, or places where the athletes came from, (Like those hallways where the teams come out and get praise from the crowd) so it was unexplained how exactly everyone got in their seats in the first place, or the teams got onto the court.

It amazes me that the subconscious mind can create places so detailed. Every person there was a projection of my subconscious, and they were acting in a realistic way, cheering for the teams. The chairs had a texture, a certain smell. I always marvel at my dreams and at other peoples dreams. It just shows how powerful the human mind actually is. IT CAN CREATE ENTIRE WORLDS!

Anyway, there were 2 teams playing currently. There must've been a contest, and teams were slowly eliminated, explaining the vast amount of schools and people were there. Our team was playing against another school. Everyone was hyped, and soon we won. There was a huge cheer. I've never given a shit about Basketball, so I just sat in my seat confused and annoyed.

After we won the game, despite the fact I am 14 years old, I was driving back to school, (presumably for a party) There were 4 other people in the car. I'll call them: Jason, Gus, Franky, William. These kids are in my class, so I'm gonna leave their real names anonymous.

It began raining pretty hard on the way home, and our car was in a line with other cars from our school. We were driving through an industrial area, with warehouses housing broken cars and forklifts and stuff like that. Our car then slid off the road an somehow down a perfectly placed alleyway, to the back of a convenience store. (Don't ask me how I know it was that) And slid to a stop.

Even though it had been raining for less than 10 seconds, the car began sinking into the muddy ground. The rain must've somehow weakened the ground here to the point of it almost being a sinkhole. And now the car was sinking through its porosity. Me, William, Gus, and Franky escaped the car, getting incredibly muddy in the process. We stood on the back porch of the stores backdoor.

We all huddled there, watching the car sinking into the muddy sludge. Jason however, didn't escape. William asked me what had happened to him, and I said: "Uh... oh God. I don't know." I tried to make him appear beside us on the porch. (I don't know whether it was a lucid dream or not) And I woke up.

The really creepy thing is the kid (that I called "Jason") actually had Leukaemia in real life. I really don't know if him "dying" in my dream correlates to his state in the real world. And in case you're wondering, he's alright.

I once had a dream in which i was extremely sure it was real. i thought it was real because there where no real abstract and unrealistic things happening.

my dream went like this. (I won't be using names)

it's was a normal day and i woke up. picked some clean clothes from my room and went downstairs. after i washed myself and clothed myself I ate my lunch and jumped on my bike on my way to school. while I was waiting on my boat(yes i take a boat on my way to school) i got called by a friend. he had trouble with some other guy I did not really knew that well. when i got at school my friend and the other guy he had trouble with where standing in front of each other(outside the building). there where a lot of people standing around them with phones on camera modus. they where going to fight. before I came close they where starting to push each other. I am that kind of person that would never, ever start a fight but if they start fighting my friends, i come to aid my friends. so I jumped in front of my friend and pushed the other guy away. he then punched me in my face and i had to fall back a few steps. my friend then did a weird suicidal jump on the other guy and he knocked him to the ground. both their noses where bleeding and people around us where screaming loudly. then some teachers come in-between us and took us inside. they set us apart so i did not know what happend to my friend and the other guy. then they proceeded to call my parents. my parents where not that mad because I was defending a friend(of course they did not agree with my idea but they decided not to punish me). but the school expelled me for a whole month. after shit not much happend and some later in the evening I went to bed. then i woke up.(so now i am really awake). and the first 10 minutes of the day i really thought i was expelled. then it slowly came to my mind it was a dream. I really had to sit down and figure this out for about 20 minutes.

I realized that I did not knew the guy I was fighting with and apparently I did not have a phone call since a few days.

then i proceeded to make like the weirdest question: "mom, am i expelled?"

"no, of course not, what a weird question, is everything okay?"

i proceeded to tell her my dream.

this was the most realistic dream i ever had.

Now this my friends, is not for the faint of heart.

-Viewer discretion is advised-

My sister came up to me and told me to watch a video on YouTube with her.

And suddenly, there was a red car driving down a snowy mountain. A van to be precise.

Keep in mind, I am not part of this dream. This is more like me watching a movie... but in a dream.. if that makes sense

Anyways, out of nowhere, a group of penguins started to belly slide down the mountain in front of us. Like in Happy feet, when they slid down the mountains.

What would have happened if Maratha never existed?

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