Have you ever had an out-of-body experience that changed your perspective on life?

One afternoon when I was a sophomore in college, I decided to take a well-deserved lazy-ass nap. In my bottom bunk I came close to completely dozing off. But before actual sleep took effect, I felt an odd, but wholly pleasant warm tingling vibration run throughout my body. Eyes closed, I decided to allow this phenomena to continue to take its course; it felt incredible, far and away better than the sixty minutes of unconsciousness a nap had waiting for me.

Have you ever seen mist slowly rise from a lake or pool when the temperature is just right? Me, as a spiritual being, became the mist, my body the lake. And the more I rose, unencumbered by the body's physical mass, the more joyful I became, far more than anything I'd ever experienced. What was happening, I cared not. I soon found myself above the apartment building while at the same time my body remained wholly unaffected in warm repose below. At this point I felt nothing except an all-encompassing, deep and abiding Love for everyone and everything. I had but a single thought, that I was approaching the plane of God Himself. I knew with an exactitude what was meant by ‘made in His own image.' And this image had absolutely nothing to do with the human body. This was an experiential understanding, where faith was instantly supplanted by knowledge.

THERE ARE EXTRATERRESTRIAL BEIIIINNGGGSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! No surprise there. But yes, there are extraterrestrial beings (or aliens as people say) they have different perspectives on life. From cannibalism to a peaceful planet. Lets just say they vary. Ive seen many planets with life inhabiting them. I have no proof but you'll have to take my word for it you know? In any event yes, it has changed my life. From seeing myself in a mirror in our parralell universe, to seeing other life forms. It has changed my life knowing there is life out there and that we are not alone.

Yes, I had some OBE's in my twenties and this showed me that the mind could project from the body, I also had a reoccurring dream of a similar experience at a young age hovering over a dead body I knew was me.

This led to life long path to explain these experiences, with the help of quantum physics, energy driven evolution theory, psychology, neuroscience and some old and new meditation techniques I have explained this for now, the result is EGMi a practice that teaches us to feel and control the energy that projects and can survive death.

I do not try and project anymore I use the practice to control where in my brain I think maximising left brain logical/positive thought and feeling, with no right brain anxiety I do not fear death but it may be very wild trip this time.

No, but Im a vivid dreamer and Ive had dreams that changed my opinions about people or things. For example, I had a dream wherein a co-worker, who until that time I actually liked, literally stabbed me in the back with a pair of scissors. When I woke up, it didnt taje a genius to realize my subconscious was trying to tell me something. Lol

All eastern philosophies consider soul different than body. We are taught that I am not my body. I am pure energy and that level you and me are not different. We are one. When we experience this perspective, it helps in experiencing equanimity. Equanimity between pain and pleasure, friend and foe, right and wrong etc. however it is easier said than done.

Yes! When I was depressed and ready to end all the hurt and pain. I found out I was pregnant that changed my life for ever and it's wasnt just me anymore I have this little thing I had to protect and keep save and be strong for. Haven't looked back since had the occasional fall off the wagon but at the end of the day my daughters love is true and honest unconditionally and that's something life changing

What places should I visit in Scotland?

For countryside, a great drive is from Glasgow -> west side of Loch Lomond -> Glencoe -> Fort William/Nevis Range gondola (for views/skiing) -> North side of Loch Ness ->Inverness.  You can then drop south from Inverness aiming for either Aviemore -> Pitlochry or Balmoral Castle ->

Moving forward in life, what is your biggest challenge?

My problem is I'm so frantic to push forward that I ignore where I'm at now.Haunted by limitless opportunities and limited time, I launch myself from one plan to the next like/as an identity crisis.If I'm honest, I have great difficulty

What made your morning?

Not what. Who. And Johnny Boy did.He's usually known around here by his nickname, Johnny Boy. He is not really right in the head, nor violent or scary but is just an adult man who thinks and speaks like a little girl. His relatives tried to keep him at home to