Have you ever had 'relations' with someone you found repellent?

No, I don't even do ‘mercy kisses'. For me there is no reason to do it if there is no pleasure.

As someone who has been "kept" twice, I learned two rules:

  1. "He who has the gold rules."
  2. "Gold diggers earn every penny."

Having sex with someone you find physically repulsive is near the lowest circle of Dante's 7 circles of hell. Particularly if you're engaged and being used as a human pin cushion on a several-times-daily basis.

I really feel for Melania!

Why are there not many hybrid/electrical cars in Australia?

Hybrid / electrical cars cost more to purchase.The registration of a Hybrid / electrical car attracts a discounted Car Registration in some states in Australia.  In Victoria it is $100.00 discount.Hybrid cars are seen to be slower and not good in rough road conditions.Australians like big cars with power to take on our wild country.

How to buy guns in Idaho

Go to a store that sells guns, fill out an ATF form 4473, and pay for it. The clerk will call ATF and transmit the information, be given an approval number, or told the person is ineligible, and you're done. You either leave with the gun you chose, or go home without it, if your 4473 was rejected.