Have you ever had someone 'happen' to you?

When I was about 17, I met a wild thing named Ruby. Without going into too many dirty details, she walked me through what I consider till today to be the most depraved collection of adventures of the hedonistic and violent kind that I have ever had.

I went to places I cringe to think of even now. I met people who really should be exiled from society. I mean REALLY! I witnessed and occasionally partook of all kinds of trouble but was able to always escape at the last minute, following her lead.

I became a very bad teenager and as much as I knew I should not have anything to do with her and her underground world, sex with her was like a drug: I felt entirely powerless to resist.

One day we had a fight over my continued friendship with a really nice girl who was more from my side of the tracks. Ruby threatened to cut her and emptied a glass of gin on my face before walking off. I went home that day and it was as though the gin had washed my eyes clear of some weird spell. I suddenly was aware that I was literally fucking with the devil and I made a simple decision, one I had never been able to make all along: I never went looking for or saw her again after that.

Ruby happened to me almost twenty years ago and today, some of the boldness I feel in rough situations is directly attributable to her.
Oh of course.
She happened to me and that was the most exciting part of my life.
She happened to me and made me realise my own self.
When she was done 'happening', she made me the guy I am today.
She taught me many many things.
Just like wind sets the sails right, she gave my life its direction, its purpose.
Do indian people like the American accent?

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Here in Washington-and I suspect most states-the Washington State Energy Code (WSEC) considers log home construction to have an equivalent energy efficiency to conventionally-framed, residential construction.While stud-framed construction relies heavily on R-value performance, in a log home, that is not the most important measure of thermal retention. In all honesty, this is because