Have you ever had to pay for someone else's mistake?

Yes. At home, at work, at school... often. I was blamed/punished for things my sister did and I still don't know what they were. I was blamed for complications with co-workers or the boss when these situations were not caused by me. I received a formal review at one point full of errors related to another worker that I'd been asked to retrain only for them to somehow have been made by me instead on the paperwork. In kindergarten, I was thrown in the cloak closet and locked in for disrupting class when I was merely defending myself verbally from a student I'd just asked for the teacher to do something about twice. I was taken to court by the school for truancy and the case was dismissed as my absences were actually related to chronic illness and harassment by the Dean of Students. I was relentlessly interrogated, screamed at and blamed for hours for a theft at summer camp when I was 12 and it wasn't until late at night that the actual perpetrator confessed. My parents hardly ever admitted to wrongdoing and my mother wasn't very good with money. I was forced to pay bills and for household expenses beginning when I was 10 or the tension in the house was unbearable and the lights/hot water would have been shut off.

Many times.

Why is Sania Mirza playing for India even after her marriage to a Pakistani?

First Thing, India dont allow any dual citizenship. It can be USA or Pakistan.Is this same thing applicable for Mr. Akshay Kumar? as he is doing Indian movies after changing his citizenship to CANADA.You may notice many international player (Cricket or any other sports) dont play for their own

What happens if Gandhi Ji came back today? What will be his stand in the current political situation?

I feel pity for Nathuram Godse for killing Gandhi, he was an old man, frail , ever since British left India after partition, unprecedented bloodshed, Gandhi lost all his mass appeal, wish he could have lived longer so that his misdeeds specially his unwarranted interference into politics as much as appointment of nehru as