Have you ever handwritten someone a love letter?

Yes I have written two love letters.

[1] My first Love letter

I am 35 now. I have written my first love letter to my first crush named "Deepika" when I was in 3rd/4th standard( I think in 1989 0r 1990). I was studying in K. V. Number 4, Bathinda cantt (Punjab). Some of the points which I remember are

  • Dear Deepika- I love you too much.
  • I will marry you when I will be adult.
  • I have also stated my permanent address in the letter.

I went near her home to hand over the letter but when I saw her father then I returned with fear.

Later on my father caught it when he has packing the luggage during transfer for Jodhpur. (Rajasthan) and scolded me for the same. I lied that it is not mine. But he asked that why you have written our address. So I was caught red-handed.

[2] My second & last love letter

I Have written love letter to my girl-friend in 2007. I have not given it but written to propose her with proper sentences. Later on I showed the letter to her. eventually I got married with her.

Yes I had a mobile. but she was not having any. there was a single mobile at her home which was used by everybody in the family like landline phone. I was not aware of facebook by that time. She used to call me from PCO.


I have habit of writing things today also before doing any important things like interview or talking with great scholars. I prepare and write prospective questions which other person may ask and design the answers accordingly. When I first went to talk my father-in-law for marriage then also I prepared such notes. He didn't accepted my proposal at that time but he was speechless on my arguments.

I met him when I was 13. Fresh into my teenage years, I really wanted a pen-pal. It seemed like such a wonderful concept !

And there he was, 14 years old - cute, charming and boyish.

That was new for me, as I was from a convent girls school, and did not have any guy-friends.

We met through family friends. He was visiting my city for three days with his family. We became instant friends. While he was departing, I asked coyly, "If I write to you, will you write back?"

"Of course!", he said with full confidence and we bid goodbye.

Thats was the beginning of a very long conversation. And it's still going on!

We started with inland letters. One letter every week as it took 3–5 days for the post to travel between our cities.

Yes I did once.

It was handwritten and I also included some artwork on the pages. It was to my first love/ infatuation and when I posted it to him, I heard nothing for a while afterwards. It was the first time I had allowed myself to be honest with someone about how I truly felt. It was easier to eloquently share my real feelings to a few sheets of A4 than to say the words to his face. He often left me tongue-tied. At the time I was at boarding school in a different country and kept looking for misguided places to call home.

Finally, after a while he managed to let me know he had received and read my letter but I guess his feelings weren't as strong for me as mine were for him because he didn't want to take our relationship further. I was devastated and just wanted to forget the whole episode. I think I may have asked him to get rid of the letter.

Fast forward a few months later, the guy started seeing another girl in my school, one I had introduced him to. I hadn't told her how I felt about the guy. One day, she came into my room and proceeded to recite parts of my letter back to me, she had found it lying around in his room and had read it. She was upset I hadn't told her how much he meant to me and so she felt horrible for getting involved with him. It was the final nail in the coffin for my infatuation with him, he didn't value my feelings and I was done hoping one day he'd reciprocate. I was so angry!

A few years ago, about 10 years after I'd written the original letter, I got a phone call from a number I did not recognise. I don't usually pick up calls from strange numbers but something compelled me to get this one (at the time I was studying for my masters and that specific night, I was out with some course mates and getting tipsy). It was him. I hadn't changed my number since we last spoke. We spoke like old friends do, full of warmth and questions aimed at filling in the gaps of the intervening years since we last met. Perhaps I was a bit warmer than usual due to the alcohol. Anyway, he told me he was calling because his partner had found the letter and read it. Seems he couldn't get rid of it. She asked him about how he had responded and when he told her what happened she was upset and told him he owed me an apology, that was the reason for his call. He thought about our time together and felt he owed me an apology for how he handled things. Very unexpected, I was definitely embarrassed and shocked but also appreciated it. Sometimes life is just random. How many other people in his life are going to read this letter? The funny thing is, I don't even remember what it said exactly!

Yes but it never made it to him.

I was in grade 5 and utterly smitten. He was tall and had, what I thought then, was a heart stopping devilish smile. Like any old romantic, I stared at him intently every chance I could get. I hung on dreamily to every word he said, breaking it down to see if he meant he liked me when he said "did you do the homework?"

To make matters worse, they seated him right next to me in class. I bet you he could hear those violent butterflies. So finally one day I decided to confess through a letter. You see, I had it all planned out. I would write it, but I wouldn't sign my name. (Okay, all the tv shows were big on secret admirers back then) And since I knew he'd end up telling me about it, I figured I'd see how he handles the news before the grand "It was I all along" reveal.

And so i wrote this 2 page letter, both sided. It said everything. The butterflies, the staring, all about it with no-filters. The anonymity of it had made me very bold. I had already pictured beyond how he'd take it and love it and love it even more when I came clean about it. And years from now we'd chuckle about how cute this whole ordeal was. Because that's what happened when you gave boys love letters. They always worked out.

Yeah. Not so much.

So the day I was supposed to give him the letter, I accidentally left it on my desk back home. Now my dad isn't usually the snooping type but apparently that day he came to my room for something and saw this innocent little envelope and his curiosity got the better of him. I came back from school and I couldn't find the letter anywhere. I didn't remember where I'd left it. A few days passed and I just had to ask. I asked my dad if he saw any "papers" lying around my room. He gives me an innocent nope and asks "why? Have you lost any papers?" This was him trying to get me to tell him but ofcourse I didnt.

A few days later my dad calls me into the room and shows me the letter. What's the worst possible outcome of a love letter you ask? It's not getting turned down, nope. It's your dad reading it. Reading every embarrassing detail of your 5th grade "love".

Needless to say, I got a very nice talking to. He quoted many of my sentences while I repeatedly tried to reverse time in my head. To his credit he kept this between us because my mom can be quite the gossip sometimes. He promised he wouldn't bring this up again and shredded the letter infront of me. He's kept his word so far and I've developed a cringe for love letters.

The letter I wrote to my boyfriend when he was dealing with depression. :)

Dear Boyfriend,

I know you don't think it's easy to love you. A lifetime of rejection has convinced you that you're unworthy of happiness, undeserving of love. You walk around thinking there's something wrong with you, something broken, damaged, something that makes you unlovable. You try to compensate your "unworthiness" everytime. But if you strip all of that away – I would still love you.

I know you don't understand because I know most days you feel like nothing more than a burden. I know you think I've changed your life. I know you think you owe me. You apologize for being such a mess, that I deserve better. But I deserve someone who doesn't leave me standing there with open arms, waiting to be wanted back. Someone who only fights with me about who loves the other one more. Someone who holds my hand just because they like feeling close to me, or kisses me at red lights because they miss the feeling of my lips on theirs, or never forgets to tell me how much I mean to them. Someone who makes me laugh until my face hurts.

You think that because I wasn't broken when you met me, you haven't done anything for me. Like I'm your lifeline and you're just holding me back. You think because I've dried your tears more than you've dried mine that you're less of a man to me. But this isn't some exchange, some business deal whose success is rated on equal parts of giving and taking. This is me giving 95% that day because you're too tired to give any more than 5%. This is me reminding you every single day that you are worth something, that you mean everything.

I understand that you cry when I say I love you because those words still sound foreign in your ears. Maybe because you still don't see yourself the way I do, or you're just shocked to hear someone actually say them and mean it. Maybe it's because a small part of you believes that you might be worth it.

I understand that some days you need me to hug you a little bit tighter. That the thoughts in your head get a little too loud sometimes and maybe if I squeeze you hard enough you won't be able to hear them anymore. Like I can erase every doubt with the stroke of your hair, ease every anxiety with a kiss.

I understand that the concept of unconditional love is new to you. When you worry that you're bothering me, or boring me, it's because you're afraid that I'll stop loving you if you're anything less than perfect. You think you're a handful because you feel things so deeply. I understand that you think you need to apologize for being you.

I hate that I have to reassure you every single day of things you know are true. I hate that you don't believe me when I tell you I love you. But I understand. You know I love you, you just can't figure out why. How could someone like me love someone like you? But if it takes me a lifetime to convince you that you're worth it, then it will be a lifetime well spent. Because if there's anything I know to be true, it's that you are the most deserving. Maybe someday you'll believe it too.

I love you my forever mate.

With love,

Your Girlfriend

Love letter? Umm...yes, I wrote one. Not to a lover but to my Bhabhi(sister-in-law).

It was actually a demanded one!

She was angry with me at some matter, due to a past happening of something which wasn't in our favour. We were in a party, where I was in full try to convince her and say Sorry to her.

Finally, I got a chance and conveyed my sorry. She told me that don't say sorry, instead ask me for what can you do make it good. Yes, and the answer to that was I had to write a love letter to her.

I asked her the reason she gave me such task. She said that when you are genuinely sorry for something you have done to someone, instead of saying the word, ask them what can you do to make it good. Asking this means that you value that person and you are ready to do an effort to keep them in your life.

And trust me, in the world of whatsapp, facebook and social medias we have actually under-estimated the beauty of hand-written letters. The love, the affection that a pen and paper can convey with your words being cherry on the cake is a bliss. That piece of paper gets a value which is indescribable for a person.

She(my sister-in-law) is my mentor in many ways and that day she taught a valuable lesson to me i.e. maintaining the beauty of a relationship with passage of time though your ways to convey may differ but its the essence that matters.! :)



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