Have you ever heard about ghosts?

I've heard lots of things about ghosts, but I have precious little direct experience with them in daytime. I tend to be a mediumistic dreamer, so I get all the contact I'd ever want or need in my dreams. It's convenient, because I'll never need John Edwards to hear from my late loved ones, not when I can fall asleep and see them myself. I've even met my paternal grandmother, who died long before I was born, and I'd never seen one picture of her before that. They were too poor for many photos when she was alive. One of my uncle's later showed me his photo, so I knew it was really her I'd met. She was incredibly sweet, and I think it's her blood that most influences my ESP.

It gets weird, however, when I sleep at hotels, motels, and particularly bed & breakfast places, because I pick up on traces of everyone else who stayed there, even the still-living, and places that have lovely antiques furnishings often have ghosts associated with each antique. I try to avoid those places. Some ghosts are pleased to see me, some are sullen and offended at the lack of privacy my presence provides, and a few are downright creepy traces of terrible people. I don't get too many waking sightings, which seem to be what non-mediumistic dreamers prevalently get lots of. So it's not like I can even try to take pictures or get some type of proof.

For a while, I was puzzled because I had every type of ESP possible to some extent, but was not ever seeing or feeling ghosts, at least not while awake. Then I spoke to some people who explained about medium types, and saw the t.v. show, Medium. I'm a lot like her, except I only see the deceased in dreams, while she reputedly sees them awake, too. I don't solve crimes, but I think it's because my religious beliefs protect me from contact with murderers/criminals, because I find those dreams too scary right from the start. I'm not shy about asking God to help protect me from such nightmares, and I don't think He'll ever let me down. The worst minds/spirits among all humans are those of killers/rapists/child molesters, so a few dreams with them tend to feature me as their next victim. Not recommended unless you're into bdsm!

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