Have you ever let anyone down?

Absolutely we all do at some point in life. I thought I was doing a good deed for my bf helping her by having a company raise money to help her family come and live for good in United States. They were in poverty stricking area and education crippled by no financial stability. She told me she was offended she was not part of the process with the company. I respected her feelings for being offended. I apologized to her for what I done and made no excuses for my neglience. So I tried calling her like I normally do and she would not take my calls nor respond to my text messages. So finally I left a sincere apology on her voicemail and informed her I was heart broken that we could not mend our friendship. I suffered depression for months and I assessed my wrongdoing. I regret losing our friendship the lost impact me significally. I really did not mean to hurt my bf. I felt my soul ripped apart and lost myself to the darkness. I isolated myself from everyone and begin to re-establish my relationship with God. HE helped me see my imperfections and still love me unconditionally. That's what I yearn for when I establish new authentic friendships now unconditional love.

Since I don't know you, I would have to say no.

Yes, the first time I met you you ask me a question. The question was have you ever let me down.

Yes, you asked me a question knowing I don't know you expecting that I can give you serious answer.

You let me down.

Technically you've only ever let me down

What's the longest time you've spent without any human contact?

Thank you for the A2A, Jasmine Little.OQ: what is the longest you have gone without seeing someone?This question has two meanings.First meaning: seeing as in laying eyes on someoneChristmas 2017, found myself all alone in my 6 unit condo building from 12/26 through 12/30. My family was out of town.

Is it safe for Jews to visit Dubai or Oman?

Probably.  Oman is the safest of all the Gulf states and the least likely to take offense.  Having said that, I can't say I would want to travel there on an Israeli passport.The issue in both places is not the government but the occasional radical jihadist, or wannabe jihadist looking to make

How would the fight at the end of Captain America: Civil War been different if Bucky had his now vibranium-infused metal arm?

It would have gone the same way, right up to that crucial moment where Tony's chest beam disintegrated Bucky's arm. At the time, Bucky was about to rip out the suit's Arc Reactor, which would have disabled Tony (the same way Cap eventually