Have you ever lived in a house you believe to be haunted?

I have experienced paranormal activity in three places I have lived in over the last few years, I will tell my four stories(because it's my favorite number) of my most memorable experiences below:

  1. My most memorable experience was when I lived with an ex at her parents house up in the Rocky Mountains. That house was particularly haunted but this is my most memorable experience.
    Our room was in the basement, and one night as I was walking out of the bathroom(all lights were off), I was shocked to see a woman in white walk across the landing and head up the stairs. I could hear footsteps too. I walked over to the stairs and looked up but she had disappeared, though I could still hear footsteps. I turned and looked back into our room and my ex asked me, "Did you see that ball of light float up the stairs too?" I was very surprised that we had a simultaneous experience, even though I saw a full bodied apparition and heard footsteps but my ex saw a ball of light.
  2. A year later my ex and I moved into an apartment in the city(Denver area). One night I got home late from work and she was already in bed. I got myself ready for bed and climbed into bed as well. A short while later, I heard a glass bottle fall to the floor in our apartment. I jumped out of bed thinking that someone was in our kitchen. I grabbed a flashlight and went to investigate. We had a small apartment, so I was quickly able to see that there was nobody else in our apartment. I checked out the kitchen and was confused as there were no glass bottles in there at all. So I went to check out our bathroom as that was the only other room that had a solid floor(the rest of the apartment was carpet). I was shocked to find an empty beer bottle lying in the middle of the bathroom. I had been in the bathroom only a few minutes before and there had been no beer bottles in there at all.
  3. Fast forward a few years to where I live now. I rent out my parents basement apartment, and their house is relatively new with not much of a history at all. With my involvement in the paranormal and being an energy worker, I believe I attract paranormal activity to some extent. With this particular experience, I had been experiencing activity from this entity for a couple of months, usually odd noises, footsteps or shadows. What was odd about this entity was that it seemed to be particularly triggered when I would turn on Ghost Adventures or a paranormal show. That would usually be a sure way to trigger activity. One particular winter evening, I had finally turned off my space heaters as I had finally gotten my basement warmed up. I put in a Ghost Adventures DVD and sat down to watch. As soon as I started playing an episode, my entire basement got ice cold. This irked me and I yelled at the spirit that I was not happy that it had undone in an instant all my effort to warm the basement and emphatically told it to leave me alone. I turned on my heaters again, turned on a different movie and had no more experiences that night. About a month later, my team and I had to "remove" the entity as its activity had grown from once every one to two weeks to a near nightly occurrence.
  4. My most recent experience at my house. I wasn't the only one to witness it either. My fiancé-now-wife witnessed it, my best friend and fellow paranormal investigator witnessed it, as did I. There was an entity that liked to play with my door. Every so often, my door would open or close about 4–10 inches with no explainable reason. No heater or A/C. No animal or person touching it. Etc. One night though, my best friend was crashing on my sofa and I had just gone to bed. As I was laying there with my eyes closed, I suddenly felt someone/something blow on my face with such force it moved my hair around. I shook my head and opened my eyes expecting to see my best friend standing there messing with me, but I was surprised to see my room was empty. I called out to my buddy in the other room and asked if he had seen anyone enter or leave my room in the last couple minutes. He replied that while he had noticed my door move a couple inches on its own again, that nobody had gone in or out of my room since I had gone to bed.

I think this house i live in now is haunted. Strange noises are always there. Bad vibrations and in some rooms you can't meditate or focus or do any energy work at all. Also when i am on the first floor and when I go down(we don't use first floor for anything other then storage and sleeping cause everything else is on the ground floor). When i go down and close the light after few minutes my grandfather or anybody really just comes and tells me that i left it open. I figured out that it happens rather often. I wanted to check so i went upstairs turned light on and after few minutes off. Then i hid behind the stairs to see if somebody is kidding with me. Light just turned on. I was home alone and all doors and windows were closed so no way somebody broke in. It is only few out of alot of things that happened in that house or close to that house.

Yes. For a short while. The house was built around 1927 and had been owned by the same couple who both died in the house. I was always the last person to go to bed and I locked up and switched on the burglar alarm before I went to bed. For the first couple of weeks I always felt that I was being watched as I walked along the hall to the stairs. Eventually I noticed my reflection on the plain glass at the top or the door. Every other house I'd lived in had frosted glass or none in the front door. I realised that the feeling of being watched had been due to seeing this reflection in the corner of my eye. I never felt watched again. Every time I have been involved with supposedly haunted places there's been a similar explanation. I've already put some of these experiences on Quora.

Yes, I know I did! About 10 yrs ago we lived in a place that had a spirit of a young girl who accidentally hung herself with a blind cord. You could sometimes feel her tug on your shirt, or hear a faint whisper. My neighbors 3 yr olds daughter would talk to here and talk about her. There was also a shadow man who lived there, he was a very dark being. He brought a heaviness that made people agitated and eventually angry. At first we would just catch glimpses of it out of the corner of our eyes. But eventually it got so bold it would show itself in broad daylight.


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