Have you ever lost someone close to you?

Who hasn't?

At some point of time, we lose somebody we love so much. Sometimes it's really early, sometimes it's late.

Sometimes it's death that makes you lose somebody;parents, relatives, friend, love, child.

Sometimes it's life that makes you lose somebody. We try to hold onto someone, and realize they were never ours to keep. It's either time that makes them go away, or its us who let them go.

I lost my father, first love, childhood friend, and many relatives. Apart from this, I volunteer for cancer patients in last stage of their disease. I often see them leave the world.

That's how life has turned in to. You live only to see people leave, and you're gone only to let somebody see you leaving.

Nothing in life is a known factor except death. Everything else is a surprise and can never be predicted with 100% accuracy. However, the surprise factor in death is the time element. No one ever knows when he/she or for that matter anyone will die. The worst experience for a person is to wait for the death to happen ( here I am writing about people who have incurable diseases and are waiting for death)

My first brush with death in the family was when I was 12 years, my paternal grand father passed away. Did not realise that this great person will never be with us to tell his stories, his slokhas and trouble us to read the poem and reproduce the same to him. it took a long time to get used to his absence.

Many more deaths, like an uncle who was a swimmer against the tide, committed suicide. My dentist friend, who had replaced all my lower jaw teeth when I was 15 years, was killed in an accident. Another uncle who was instrumental in me taking up CA died on the last day of my college. I cried out my heart on his death. My father's death in a very trying time of my life.

The death of my life partner was the worst and no solace even after 8.5 years of parting.

In death I take solace by writing poems for eg.; when my father passed away I wrote the following poem, it doesn't heal but it sure applies a balm
Dad - Death Can Never Take You Away From Us

Death took you away from us
The permanence of this great loss
Struck us like a thundering bolt
And brought us back to earth with a jolt.

You were a pillar of great strength
You guided us for quite a length
You inspired us to move ahead
And helped us use our own head

Children used to treasure
The time you spent with them with great pleasure
You taught them young the slokas
And took them to their own lokas

Youngsters used to adore
The knowledge you always bore
They always like the space
And the learning they got at their own pace

Adults would always feel your presence
To whom you would always give guidance
Whether they accepted or not wouldn't hurt
you would give the next with an additional spurt

A great challenge for the lord above us
To create another father and duplicate thus
From the heaven above you would surely bless
Death can never take you away from us.
After my wife passed away I wrote this poem:

Death did tear you away, much against my wish,
After a very short period of just 17 years
Each moment spent with you, I cherish
These memories brims my eyes with tears

The long hours we spent together
The long walks we went with each other
The long talks we had with one another
These memories brims my eyes with tears

The two sweet children you left for me to take care
Their dreams you cared for and helped nurture
Helping them take each step at a time
These memories brims my eyes with tears

The friends and our family miss you my dear
The world you left behind misses you more than ever
They recall the great person you were
These memories brims my eyes with tears

Till we meet again we stay apart
Be the inspiration, you always were, for us
Will complete my period on this earth
That day my eyes will be filled with joyous tears.
After my friend passed away due to cancer, I wrote this:

My friend – his foe

The word "Cancer" I hate
Especially so, off late.
Lost a good friend to this disease
Putting his family out of peace

He smoked not, he was a pure Veg
He drank not, not even a peg
He inhaled a few from his friends
He accompanied them to their parties

Death sure is cruel, took him away from us
Memories stay in our mind, not his presence
Suffer he did, the pain was for all the see
Money spent, treatment not of any use.

In his death, he conquered inner peace
Laying him in the coffin, with tears in our eyes
Saying good bye to him was the worst nightmare
Rest in peace, my friend, rest in Peace.
I wrote this to be done after my death:

Gift of life

You have but a life, yet you can live twice.
Gift your organs and live yet again.

Donate your eyes and gift a life with vision
See this beautiful world once again and achieve life's mission.

Donate your kidney and gift a life with pleasure
Devoid the person from pain for ever

Donate your heart and gift a life for ever
Live once again in another person and write history again once over
But death is one thing I do not want my near and dear ones to suffer:

No death for me

I do not want to die, not because I am afraid of death
I do not want to die, not because I am fed-up with life
I do not want to die, not because I am thru with life
I do not want to die, not because I have achieved everything in life
I do not want to die, not because life is very boring

I do not want to die, because I do not want my loved ones to miss me.

DEATH----the final destination, in the meanwhile enjoy the journey.

Cheer up!!!!

Yes, I lost my gf about 2 yrs back . I was 24 and she was 23 then . I am a guy from Thrissur, Kerala and she was from Mysore, Karnataka.


Both of us graduated from a premier college in India. I met her during my 3rd yr in college and it was love at first sight. I proposed to her on stage infront 800 odd people.

Fast forward 2 yrs :

I was 24 and workin in a top MNC in bangalore. She also joined in a firm close to my office. It was all going good and things were working out really fine.

D day

August 3 2016, She had gone back to Mysore to meet her parents. We were texting late into the night. We were flirting and sexting at 3am but suddenly she stopped replying to me. I thought she might have dozed off and stopped texting her. Next morning I get the news from her brother that she had passed away in her sleep. This news shattered me but i had to see her one last tym and so did I . I rushed to Mysore and this was the worst day of my life.


It was found out later that she was suffering from anaemia. She used to complain tat she is tired all the time and no1 took her seriously.

Yes, like many others.

It's sad and painful but that's the reality of life we cannot change.

Here's something I wrote about the whole experience, you should read it.

To you - http://wp.me/p7hKvR-A

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