Have you ever lost something, found it, then lost it again?

Few years ago, I was travelling from Mumbai to Pune via train. As there was no vacant seat in the coach, I sat near the door and was listening to songs on my phone. Like this:

Very sad tale. Perhaps lost isn't the best word...When I graduated high school my grandma gave me a diamond ring. She worked at a department store and had 3 diamonds reset from a bar pin grandpa had given her.

Well, enter my drug addicted niece who steals the ring. I told my sister what had happened and, like most parents, she said not my kid. History had shown multiple busts.

Couple weeks later my brother in law comes over. Dan puts down the ring saying it was expensive. He had been notified it was at a pawn shop and bought it back. I was so happy.

I put the ring in my sister's safe. Sure enough, my niece set my family up by asking them to pick her up. She had changed. She was off drugs. Right. While they were going to get her I get a call asking to check out the house. They didn't feel comfortable. Everything's fine or so I thought.

When my sister got home the safe was gone. Inside not only was my ring but the ring of my other sister in law's given to her by her mom. Neither individual was still alive, not that the items could be replaced. We never did get the rings back.

Luckily, my niece has straighten out her life. She has a great job and 2 good kids.

Yes. My mind.

All the time. Mostly I find things I've lost when I'm moving. Then, because I moved, I lose them again.

My mind

If you play a guitar with a pick, well...those little bastatds seem to disappear in the most obvious places.

I would say my mind, most probably :)

Why should I travel the world?

Traveling the world exposes you to cultures and experiences you would never know otherwise. You'll meet people who are so different from you, it's unbelievable, but you'll also made incredible connections. Educating yourself about other people and the world around us is one of the best ways to become a better person.

Why do most of the developers in Silicon Valley prefer macOS over Linux or Windows?

Apple hardware has kind of been the best of all worlds. You can run OS X, you can run Windows and you can run Linux. Since Apple won't allow OS X to run on any non-Mac PCs (it's a legal rather than a technical barrier),

What is the rudest thing you've ever seen a professor do?

Well this isn't exactly rude but strange.College sophomore year taking a European history course. The professor was a nice old guy. He held himself up on the podium and took long breaths between every few sentences. A few weeks in, he started falling asleep holding on to the