Have you ever loved someone to the point that you realised that you can never love anyone else ever again? How can you get over such love?

When you love and lose for the first time, it generally feels like this. Particularly if you are a sensitive and emotional person. But all wounds heal with time.

I wrote something on these lines once, sharing it here. Give it a read if you find the time and enthusiasm.

And in case you don't read that, here is the gist.

     if you are sad today, don't think you can never be happy
     if you are hurt today, don't think you will never heal
     if you are alone today, don't think you were meant to be so

     Have faith - in time, destiny and yourself !
I have not.  I think such cases must be very rare.  Love according to me is a positive trait that helps one to be honest, truthful, respectful and compassionate.  Never a true lover will think of harming the interests of loved ones.  Even when love does not fructify into marriage, that person will always wish good for the loved one and never act in any manner that will jeopardize the future of loved one.  Only when such positive traits are present in a person, it must be termed as true love; all others are infatuation that are momentary and fade with passage of time.
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