Have you ever loved someone truly or madly or still do?

Yeah, Once

I still remember the first time I saw her. I was in 9th standard. it was the first day of my coaching. it was not love at first sight but I definitely felt something for her. a crush maybe.

Days passed but I could gather enough courage to go and talk to her. you know, that's the main problem when you like someone. you keep on imagining those situations where you go and talk to her but the reality is totally different.

Now years passed but still, we didn't talk much. she knew I was some random guy in her batch and that's all.

then finally in 11th grade, I mustered up some courage and messaged her. just a simple hi, and she replied. (yipppeeee!!!)

We started talking. initially, it was just 2 to 3 texts a day. the good thing was she lived really close to my house, so we used to go to coaching together in the same van. we used to tease each other a lot. I mean A LOT!!. we became best friends in 2 to 3 months from the day we started talking.

Now let me fast forward this a couple of months. that's 16th February when I finally proposed her and she said yes. believe me, I can't even explain how happy I was.

We started dating and 2 years went by :).

the problem started when we got into different colleges and went into the long-distance relationship. If you are not mature enough, long-distance is a really bad idea.

I was immature. I started getting insecure and paranoid about us. we started fighting daily. I knew how much she cried because of me. I knew how much I loved her and how much she loved me but I didn't realize this and kept on fighting with her daily. then finally I said some things to her that I didn't mean but those were the breaking point of our relationship. guys, we can never take back our words. so never ever say anything without giving it much thought. you may hurt someone really bad, and that damage is permanent.

She broke up with me.

It was 16th September. my birthday. the day now ill regret my whole life

I realize now. I realize everything I said and everything I did was wrong but I can't turn back the time. the damage is done.

She is and will be the love of my life.

I learned a lot from my mistakes but I lost her . she was the most beautiful thing in my life. if beauty was time, she was eternity :)

har, rishtey ki Ek umar hoti hai. jab vo umar khatam ho jati hai to vo rishta bhi khatam ho jata hai.

but I guess its time to wake up now. life goes on and we need to keep up with its pace.

every morning I wake up. she is the first thing that comes into my mind. I've deactivated my FB and insta because whenever I open her I have this urge to see her profile. so I think it's better to stop using them for some time.

Sometimes love is not the only thing that can keep the relationship going. Trust, space, privacy and most importantly respect is what makes a relationship strong. You need to give each other some space to breathe. Maybe that's the part I messed up.

I will always love her no matter what. I just hope she is doing fine.

trust me being in love is the most beautiful feeling one can experience in life.

I'll just say

she is worth the broken heart :)

"love happens only once, the rest is just life"



We had common courses. We both were CRs of our class. We met regarding lectures. We ended up having good time.

We had one and half months of continuous night outs.

We spent the night at the VMCC building at IITB. We were like fighting friends. We played in the mess throwing salt and water on each other.

He would make fun of me all the time.

For the first time we went out (it wasn't a date), he got a cab for only 3.5 Kms. (IIT Powai to Hiranandani).

I laughed hard. Made fun of him. Made fun of his clothes too. I mean I didn't hurt him. But he never wore those clothes ever again. The red jacket and Nike shoes I remember, he looked like my joker.

We met for studies and ended up eating and fighting and having fun.

And on one night out, he gave me his arms while I wanted to lie down on the floor. We kissed. We confessed.

We talked for long hours. We never stopped smiling.

He was madly in love with me. I was scared though. I always wanted to end up with him but thinking he might leave me, I pretended I wasn't too serious. I wasn't willing to be heartbroken. I had seen worst times and I didn't want to cry anymore.

He cried on his mistakes when I used to get hurt. I would always melt looking at him and used to scold him saying, "Why do you cry like an idiot. I hate that".

Things were beautiful. I started thinking about future because he started making me think about it. I started becoming mature being away from him. I started loving him more being away from him.

And a series of bad events started. Everything in my life started to get shattered.

I went into depression. I became angry, suicidal, anxious. I used to panic a lot.

I spoiled everything I had. He could not bear me anymore. I had hurt him more than I could think of.

I said sorry. But few things get spoiled to the extent you can't imagine.

I still respect him. He is the best I had.

I hope he stays happy.



I am in love with a girl, an office colleague of mine. She is such a fun loving girl which attracted me towards her. We got into contact through a mutual friend on facebook in January, 2017. We exchanged contact numbers the day we started talking and chatting on whatsapp became a normal routine. And within 20 days, I fell in love with her and told her about me loving her. She had also fallen in love with me. Everything seemed so perfect until one day (6th March, 2017), she told me that she won't be able to talk to me as someone in the office got to know that we were in contact and she does'nt wants to disgrace her family. I agreed to her decision though I was hurt not from her decision of not talking to me anymore and leaving me but because I was so much in love with her that I could hardly imagine a life without her. I still kept trying to be in contact with her as a friend but the only thing I got was ignorance, ignorance and more ignorance. This process of me begging her to come back to my life continued for 3–4 months and one day she had a whatsapp dp which stated :

Back in 2007,after writing class 10 exams I took the computer classes, she was there in my batch but I had not the courage back then to talk to her. I would just go to the class to see a glimpse of her. Just following her not with any bad intentions but following her to find where does she lives.

Between the classes, I went to my hometown for a month & didn't attended the remaining classes.

Results came out everybody cleared the exams but I was still searching or rather finding from friends

what her name was?

where did she lives?

Is she still in town or left?

After 5 years, came to know from a classmate that he knows her asked for her contact no., gave a call to her, though it took much time to recognise the shy boy who was following her but thanks to her good memory she could remember me.

After some normal talks when i said that i liked her, she was laughing like anything & asked why I didn't talk to her back then could have asked her out? My heart just broke out when she said, she is committed to the same friend who has given me her contact number & has already told about me.

She is now married but still in touch with her.

Yes I do.

Yes I will keep loving that person forever.

Maybe forever is a myth, but I still want to feel this myth once only with you.

Her love has scarred my heart.

It's a beautiful scar.

An uneven surface which will always remind me of you.

If there is any other lifetime after here I would wish to spend my other lifetime by your side.

Love is a beautiful feeling, but every feeling comes with a challenge in itself.

It reminds you how deeply you can love someone without expecting anything in return.

It's a dream with beautiful stars twinkling on the dark sheet glittering everything within you.

A fish in the water survives until she's pulled out.

A natural love requires no effort.

It happens from within.I can feel it's essence in myself.

You're the reason behind this scent of mine.

The taste of your lips is still on my buds reminding me of you in every moment.

When I hugged you,

I felt the urge of not letting you go and today here we stand together.

I can still feel that mere touch of your skin by my soul.

I feel the drops rolling down your cheeks.

I feel the fear everyday.

I feel everything and everyday.

No commitment is required within this boundary of love.

It's pure.

I would want to be the compassionate love of your life which stays calm even during the cyclones.

You're worth a heartbreak.

You're worth a pain and sleepless nights.

Most of all you're worth loving with with all my heart.

You deserve every love and happiness for a person like you.

Be my madness.

And keep me sane.

Yeah. I love him alot. I never told anyone that i am missing him till now. It has been about 6 month. But when he was in love with me, i never cared & hurts him in every possible way i can. He is the best thing, that happened with me. I just want him in my life again. The best lesson that time teaches me is to value that time. I seriously think now that i will never ever going to love again apart from him. I seriously cried while writing this answer. But sadly, i am late. He will never going to accept me. Yes, he is right at his place. I can do everything to get him back in my life. But now he don't want to meet me. I seriously cried so hard to meet him. But i am sure, he loves me more than i do. He is on quora. But my family members are also using quora, that's y going anonymously.

Love you Kunal always.

Yes, his name is Kunal. If i will ever get him back in my life, surely i will start believing on natural powers of love.

Yes I did love one girl who was my class fellow. She was this beautiful cute looking girl on whom everybody had a crush on but she never interacted with anyone else outside her group. Since I was new and I had a slightest of idea of my university being changed after couple of semester so I tried to stay back from all this stuff. One of my friends asked me to go and try for her. It would make everyone jealous plus if you succeed or even if you would not, you'll go to someplace else so it won't be a big issue. I agreed. Slowly and gradually we both were real good friends. We had developed some feelings for each other but didn't express them openly. Probably we were scared of losing each other. Then this day came and I had to leave her. I was hurt. She was hurt. After couple of days i recieved her texts which clearly showed she was in love. That was the moment when i realised that i have done something terribly wrong. Yes the idea at first was just to make other people jealous. But I really felt in love with her.. I couldn't think of staying away from her for 1 second even. Even though we were far apart we still used to talk everyday. One day she at once stopped responding. I asked everyone almost used every source to get to know about the real problem. What I came to know was that it was her family issue. She won't be allowed to marry someone out of her family. Today it's been almost 5 years and I still love her. We still talk sometime. Today I would do anything to make her come back to me. I just wish everything goes okay and hope that her parents do agree. Afterall there is always a first time

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