Have you ever made a wish for someone else?

Yes, I made a wish for one of my friends. Wish for the M. Sc. Admission

Before two months after declaration of results of entrance examinations I have got 4 options for admission (3 options were self financial). My family wanted me to join the nearest one. I filled that form also.

One of my friends also filled the same college form didn't got any seat.We both were in the last selection waiting list. He was next to me in the list. I didn't know how many seats were remaining by the last selection admission date. But I thought if I'm going to acquire the last seat then I'll not get admitted in this college. So the he can get the seat. It was because I had some options but he hadn't.

Stay happy. Stay blessed.

Thank you.

Have you ever made a wish for someone else?

Yes, I've made many wishes for people I know and don't know.

All of the wishes that I make for other people are that they get better because they are in poor health, or that they prosper because I can see they are having a hard time, or that they can get the help they need because they are in need of help.

What is the best place you've visited in Europe?

Lake Annecy in France - its location by the foot of the Alps allows you to hike as much as you want on any trails you feel comfortable with. The gorgeous lake, contains +25c in summer, where you can swim and do tons of water activities. Add beautiful french food and wine and a little

Did Nazi Germany invade Africa?

No. Nazi germany sent troops there under command of France and Italy, but they didnt fight. As far as I know, African fronts included the Eastern front, between Ethiopia, the Sudan, Kenya, and also British Somaliland, the Battle of Madagascar, where the Free French liberated Madagascar from Vichy France,

What are some simple life hacks to do that make an already hard life a little bit easier?

This article originally appeared on CAclubindiaMy Greetings to all the readers out there.In this write up I have listed 3 Habits that must be inculcated in order to be successful.1. Initiate:We think of an idea, maybe that idea possess enough potential to