Have you ever met a genius? If so, what was it like?

If you mean the IQ-range definition of genius, then I've met a bunch, and so have you. It's a significant minority. If you mean genius in the Mozart sense of someone who has an uncanny gift in a certain area, those are a lot more rare, but I've met a bunch of those because I've worked as an autism-spectrum behaviorist.

Those kinds of geniuses are pretty consistently boring as people. Youtube videos of amazing skills are captivating, and it's good for humanity that we have a slice of ultra-specialists among us, but for a personality very high specialization is not a good thing. Genius-skills in a friend very quickly become little more than a party trick that you've already seen.

The best kind if genius to have in your life is a social genius. Social geniuses are almost never recognized as such because humans are social animals and take social skills for granted. It's harder to stand out from the crowd with social skills the way you can with juggling knives or doing complex statistical analysis in your head. There isn't a wow factor. But a social genius can sure stand out as a friend or a family member.

[Edited to add - lest people assume I am being coy - that I do NOT consider myself to be a social genius.]

Yes, I've met several Fields Medalists and a few Nobel Prize winners. They are pretty cool people who have a variety of interests and can hold interesting conversations about their fields and many other topics. Dr. Carson and his wife hold a dinner for Hopkins medical school interviewees from disadvantaged backgrounds each admissions cycle and discuss the service opportunities in Baltimore. Dr. Yau also has interests in writing and applied mathematics beyond his work in pure mathematics and M-theory.

Why do some people consider Norway boring?

I have heard that non-norwegians tend to find Norway boring, while most of my norwegian friends, most of whom went to international high schools and now study abroad, and myself find Norway a lovely place. That is not to say that it's not "objectively"

Have you ever lost a loved one?

Yes, my grandfather.It was heart wrenching, it feels like someone tore my heart out, and you begin to hate yourself.Then comes the grief.The story of how I lost my grandfather is quite sad. Somewhere about two weeks before his death he started to call us frequently. We didn't know why he started calling,